1 Oct 2012

♡ Mini Haul

Actually I didn't plan to go shopping today, we were supposed to go see Maison Eureka with the bf and then to the movies but we had a change of plans. So we went grocery shopping at Bagatelle and I spent some time in the beauty alley checking what's new and what's cheap and what's intriging, you know right? Anyways, I allowed myself two stuff: the Elite Model Foundation Brush and Gill Invisible Problem Skin Gel. I've been eyeing the Sigma F80 brush online but the shipping fee makes it so expensive and I've been waiting for Sigma to have some kind of sale like free shipping. Till then, an Elite Model brush could do, I hope so. At least  the bristles are really soft. For this Gill skin gel, I've never heard of it before, so I thought that I might as well give it a try and there is apparently sulfur in it. 

Rs. 200 from Intermart
I don't remember the exact price but it was less than Rs.150 from Pick N Pay
I will review these too later after a couple of uses, stay posted! What else can I say? I've cooked "Poule Rouge et teo-kwon" and a lemon cake tonight. The cake is a really greasy and the lemon taste is pretty light, it's good-ish - it taste industrial! I'll think I use more lemon next time and less butter, I could maybe with milk, I wonder how's that going to taste like. I'll post the recipe tomorrow. 

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