30 Oct 2012

♡ MOTD #1

I would wear these whenever I go out and they all fit in my makeup bag! 

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 005 Silky Beige.
 I love this, it does have a smell that I like. It does what it says and sometimes I don't even have to reapply powder during the day. I would have love to try this one in Transparent though.

Click below to see more :)

28 Oct 2012

♡ Wishlist #2

Asos is having a extra 10% off again even on discounted items. Yay! Though there's isn't that many items that I want to buy. But I did ordered a something something. *guilty smiley face*. and this is probably my last online purchase for this year maybe, I hope. Let me show you some of the stuff that I would buy for myself if I could. There are more pretty things but I filtered the searches with my shoe size UK 5 and clothing size UK 8.

ASOS Strapless Skater Dress with Sweetheart neckline £12.00

ASOS Peplum Dress with Cut Out Back £12.00

River Island Animal Print Shorts £8.00

25 Oct 2012

♡ Update of the fake bleu de chanel

For those who does not know what this post is about, read my earlier post first: Fake Bleu de chanel.

X is the colleague of my sister from whom we got the fake perfume and Y is the friend of X who is actually the seller. The Y is not identified because X does not want to give out the name of Y because X fears that we'll talk shit to her. Mado is a shop who has the right to sell branded authentic perfume like Chanel, Yves saint Laurent, etc.

Okay let me state some facts first, X send an email to my sister's personal account with a list of perfume Y is selling. My cousin and I, we got Bleu de Chanel and One Million Paco Rabanne. The email stated "Mado parfum a moins cher", we did not doubt about the authenticity of these perfume because X works in a professional environment and sold to friends. Who the hell would sell fake to friends? Each perfume was Rs 1500(about $50) and she said only Rs 1000 will be reimbursed for the bleu de chanel and the Paco Rabanne will not be refunded. And you know what, these people who bought via X do not care if they got the fake stuff, they don't care about the dangers of using fake. They just want a branded perfume even if it is fake. I can't believe such people would buy fake and not say it and they don't even want to reimburse. And I can't believe that these buyers are okay with having a fake perfume. I wish my blog was super popular in Mauritius and these buyers would recognise themselves and go complain about X and Y. I wish I could email that X bitch but I can't because she is a colleague sister and she's supposedly not the seller. I bet she gets commission from these fucking dumb sales or a relative of her is seller like her sister or something. She is a bitch! People can't be trusted these days, and I really can't believe that X is okay selling fake stuff to people at work. What can we do now to get our money back and for X and Y to stop with their illegal activities. She's is such a bitch. We don't even have receipts as evidence of sale transaction. I wished we could go to the Police and just state X name. 

Here is the forwarded email (The bolded text are translations from French to English)

From: X bitch
To: sister
Subject: FW: Parfums MADO a moins cher (Mado parfum at cheaper prices)
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2012 18:40:57 +0400

Salut (sister's name) ,

Voici ci-dessous la liste des parfums disponibles en stock pour homme et femme: (Here's the list of perfume in stock for men and women)

HOMME: Rs 1500 (Men)
Seduction in black – Antonio Banderas edt 100 ml
Paco Rabanne - Million edt 100 ml
Diesel – Only the Brave edt 75 ml
Burberry – Summer Blue edt 100 ml
Kenzo - edt  100ml
Hugo boss edt 100ml
Chanel Allure Sport
Chanel Bleu
Dolce & Gabanna – The one Gentleman
FEMME: Rs 1500 (Women)
-          Play
-          Ange ou Demon Le Secret
-          Ange ou Demon L’elixir
-          Hypnose Senses
-          Mon Tresor
Nina Ricci
-          Ricci Ricci
Calvin Klein
-          Euphoria
-       Beauty
-          Jasmin Noir
-          Idylle
-          Prada
-          Chanel No 5
-       Chanel No 19
Dolce Gabanna
-          The One
-       Rose the One
Jean-Paul Gaultier
-          Ma Dame
-          Miss Cherie
-          Idole
-          Chloé
Versace Vanitas
Paco Rabbane - Lady Million EDP 80 ml
Nina Ricci L’elixir EDP 80ml
Kenzo Flower

Merci de me faire savoir si tu prendras un ou plusieurs parfums jusqu'a demain sil te plait et de me faire avoir les sous aussi.. 
(Thanks for letting me know which one or more you will take till tomorrow please with the money as well)
Bne soiree a toi.. :) (Good night to you)

I hate sellers like that, I don't know how they can live their lives knowing they are selling fake dangerous stuff and making illegal money. I would prefer they'd state the fact that their stuff are fake beforehand. I hate X and Y so much right now, BITCH. 

Mauritian don't be stupid, okay??!!!!  Do NOT buy fake stuff just for the sake of having a branded item which is not even authentic. Gosh I can't believe how people can be so stupid and accept the fact that they got fake stuff. And yeah, there is a fucking fake store in Port Louis, in the capital of Mauritius, near to Desforges Street and they sell fake MAC makeup there, can't the authorities do something about them? I hate these people. Yes they are just trying to make a living but why sell fake stuff huh?????

I do not care
I do not care if it is a bad copy.
I do not care if it smells the same as the original.
I do not care if it is cheaper than the original.

What I care about 

I do mind that it is fake. 
I do mind that it is expensive because it is a fake.
I do mind that despicable people are selling fake and don't give a damn.
I do mind that these people are blaming us for having bought fakes.
I do mind that they did not say their stuff are fake beforehand.

To my readers, I'm sorry for my ranting but I had to release this out on the internet. 

24 Oct 2012

♡ Which one to buy?

I'm browsing on Sigmabeauty.com and I'm hesitating on which brush to buy. I already have the F80 in my cart right now which is $16. The thing is that if your total order prior to shipping is $30 or more, you get a complimentary gift and right now for October, the gift is a sample from the Brow Design Kit. So I need another brush for around $14 to get the subtotal of $30. So which one should I get among these? Please help :) :) :)

While writing this post, I was searching the blog at the same time and I thought that the gift was the Brow Design Kit but it was just a sample. Now I'm hesitating whether I should really buy now or wait for next month to see which gift you can get because I don't need another eyebrow shade or eyeshadow color. Yeah the eyebrow color can be used as eye shadow as well. So maybe I'll just wait for next month which is not so far away. Here is the one I am definitely going to take next month.

F80 - Flat Kabuki
Image Source: SigmaBeauty.com

Which sigma brush is your must-have brush? I want to know because I do not know which one to buy apart from the F80, and there are so many different, I can't choose.

P.S: I think I'm mistaken, the sample is not the complimentary gift anymore, I don't know what's the gift right now. Do you know, please please please tell me :)

22 Oct 2012

♡ My blog was marked a spam and deleted.

The title says it all. It's okay now, they have marked my blog as spam by mistake. It was like a heart attack when I saw that I've no blog and everything could be lost. It would probably be the reaction of any blogger. Anyway, I just a made cupcakes and they are ugly because of the icing. It's my first time :/ Okay actually they are brownies in the form of cupcakes with chocolate butter icing which super thick -_-". Damn I suck at cooking /baking.

21 Oct 2012

♡ Wishlist #1

A girl can always dream, right? :)
Image Source: SigmaBeauty.com

How cute is this kit? It's super pretty and container for all this brushes. This kit is the Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit. Expensive. But they look super fluffy and pretty and cute. ^_^

Image Source: Google
I freaking want to Blendtec, that's because of Benji from Itsjudyslife and yeah, watch this youtube channel: Will It Blend? It blended a iphone and a samsung galaxy 3, can you believe it? It's so powerful and from what I've understood the blades are not even sharp so you can't hurt yourself when you wash the blender. I so want to this. Any people giving these away for free, anyone? haha

Image Source: Asos.com
I've been loving these oversize man-style watches and I'm in love with this one. Michael Kors MK8096 Rose Gold Watch is also really really pretty as well but if I had to choose I would want this one, it's called the Marc By Marc Jacobs Steel Watch

Image Source: SigmaBeauty.com
Another brush you say? This one is different, it's not included in the Mrs. Bunny kit and it seems to be the BEST brush ever for foundation. The holy grail for foundation! This is the F80 Flat Kabuki Brush. It's $16, the price is okay taking into consideration how high quality it is but you have to pay shipping and shipping to Mauritius is so expensive. I'm just waiting for the day when SigmaBeauty will release free shipping coupon code. This is obviously the cheapest in this list but I'm just waiting for sale, if that ever happens.

Image Source: Rokderm.files.wordpress.com
The famous Clarisonic Mia. Bloggers, youtubers, everyone have been raving about this one beauty product. It's about £120 on Asos and they only ship it to UK :/ FeelUnique also sell this, I don't know if there are restrictions on shipping address though because it is not mentioned on the website. I want one of these so bad. At least I want to try and see how it works for me.

20 Oct 2012

♡ Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Eyebrow Styling Kit

Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Eyebrow Styling Kit
This was packed nicely in a box. The makeup kit box is open.

Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Eyebrow Styling Kit
The pretty small kit. It's pink. I don't super love the packaging because it looks a teeny bit fragile but it's cute.

Click below to see more pictures :]

19 Oct 2012

♡ Free Worldwide Shipping Websites

Who does not love free worldwide shipping??? I love shopping online because you get cheaper prices and you can get brands that are not available here in Mauritius. Let me give you my favorite online stores where I've bought stuff from and they offer free international shipping on all orders and no matter where you live and they ship here!

I check Asos every single day, this is how much I'm obsessed with Asos, I've bought shoes from them and mostly makeup. Their shoes are true to size and even if there is a problem, you can always return them and return is free. I've never did that because I never had to but it's good to know that there is this option available. And I think that every week they have discount on a specific makeup brand like last week, there was 20% off on Pixi makeup and this week POP beauty stuff are on sale. Asos sells clothes, shoes, makeup, skincare, accessories and other stuff and there is a men section as well.

FeelUnique, I knew about this one from my bf and it sells mainly makeup, skincare, hair related items. I usually compare prices from Asos because sometimes items can be cheaper there or vice-versa. My bf bought a Remington curling wand from Asos and it was half the price that you see here in supermarkets. So do check out, the holiday season is near, they will probably be having super good deals, I hope even though I don't need anything right now.

I love eBay but do not buy cosmetic, skincare, perfume and stuff like that on Ebay because most of the time, you could be buying fake products that can be dangerous. But I love the fact that eBay has a buyer protection. For example, if you did not received your package or the item that you bought were fake or not working, Ebay will work out with the seller or something and you will be reimbursed. I've bought jewelry, computer parts, radar for dad, car stuff, fake eyelashes and yes I did buy makeup on Ebay. I learned the hard way, I bought fake lipstick, fake Revlon actually. I did not know it was fake till much later on and I learned about the customer support much much later. I'm sad because I wasted money on fake Revlon but whatever now I know, DO NOT buy cosmetic from Ebay okay? Buy from Asos or Feel Unique or cosmetic-love. I was scammed once on Ray Bans, Dad saw them on Ebay and said he wanted them, so we bought them, a month later still no delivery. I contacted that seller, no response, so I contacted customer support and I explained everything. I were reimbursed one-two week later. Sorry for blabbering, anyway a lot of sellers offer free worldwide shipping.

Cosmetic-love, this is a new site I'm buying from but I've heard good things about it. The website sells basically Korean cosmetics and skincare such as Missha, Tony Moly and Etude House. And you can a number of free samples depending on how many items you order so it's pretty good. I can't say much about the brands that they sell because till now, I tried only Missha. I had a small size Missha BB Perfect Cover Cream and I love it because it's so creamy. And this one too do sale on specific item each week or month, I don't really know. The last time I checked they were selling two hand creams for the price of one. Pretty good deal and they are having 10% off BB creams -_-" I saw that some days after I've already ordered. Damn, you can't always win right?

I never bought anything from Amazon because most of the time that I've tried, they don't ship here :/ Amazon has maybe more reliable sellers. I wished that browsing was easier on Amazon, that filter searches and get only items that shipped to Mauritius. That would make life so much easier. 

Other website offering free worldwide shipping but I've have not tried them yet:
revolveclothing # Expensive but supposedly good quality
tgiwholesale.com # I don't know if this one should be trusted, I read once that someone bought a fake missha bb cream from there. But do tell if you I'm wrong though.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whenever you shop online, always pay through Paypal because there is a buyer protection with it too, if you are scammed, you will be reimbursed. Just sign up for a Paypal account and you're good to go. Do make sure that if you have a complaint, make in within 30 - 40 days (I don't exactly remember how long but check the FAQ on Paypal  after purchase because after that, you will not be able to get refunds. 

If you want to know where I buy my circle lenses with free shipping, click here.

Where do you shop online? I want to know new websites even though it's not free shipping :)

♡ Laptop + new package

Hi everybody (:

I got my laptop back today and I'm soooooo relieved that it's was only the adapter that was not working and not the motherboard. I just have to stock up on spare parts from Ebay. Till now, I have changed the battery, the keyboard and the adapter. My laptop is a Toshiba L300 by the way, and it's maybe 5 years old now. But you know, it's good and working right now. And I got a package today from cosmetic-love.com though the Missha BB Perfect Cover Cream was missing. I just emailed them, I hope they reply soon. Anyway, I got Missha BB Boomer, I wanted to test that out and it smells like baby powder, I didn't expect that smell to be so noticeable. Whatever it's okay, it smells like baby. I'll post pictures later. I guess that is all for now, I haven't much to say. Oh yeah, Itsjudytime and Benji had their baby Julianna and she's so pretty. I've been following them for not super long but I love watching their vlogs everyday. I even prefer watching them that watching series online. They are so inspiring. 

I don't know if I like this song or not.The first time I heard it was in one of Princess Joules videos. It's funny and I don't understand anything.

18 Oct 2012

♡ Fake Bleu de chanel

So here is the story, my sister has a collegue at work who knew somebody who was selling Mado perfumes and she emailed her a list of perfumes that she was selling and each was at Rs1500. So I trusted that person because who the hell would sell counterfeit items to colleagues and at work. So I purchased Bleu de chanel, it was supposed to be a gift for le bf. It's been with me for approximately a week and I was having doubts about the authenticity. The package looks the same, the only thing was the serial number was not aligned correctly in the middle. Other than that it has everything right, letters was embossed, barcode etc. I have once before google how to spot fake bleu de chanel by the way. And I opened the box today and when I saw the cap, I knew that it was a fake. The chanel icon was no perfect and the cap was not magnetic, the bottle was all scrapped and cloudy. It had all the characteristic of a fake, no serial number, bottle not smooth, etc. I was so pissed, it's partly my fault, I should not have trusted that person. I DON'T even know that seller's name because it's supposedly the friend of the sister of that colleague  Right now, we're asking that girl for a refund and she's saying that a refund would be difficult because she doesn't know that seller much but she's offering another fucking perfume. Stop kidding people. It's NOT okay to scam people. I know it was fake bacause I knew what to look for. I bet that other people who bought from her are not aware that they have bought fake. Fakes are dangerous, never use fake. Never. Just google the dangers of using counterfeit items. This should be reported to the police. I'm so pissed right now. I'm glad I opened it and not my bf, that would have been such a disappointment. I never witness a scam like this so close to me. I've seen it on the streets and online but selling at work. Wtf. I don't even want to take pictures of it, I don't even care if it smells as the original or if it smells good because it's FAKE.

Excuse me for grammar mistakes, I'm typing from my phone. My laptop has been down for a week, the adaptor stopped working and that is why I have not blogged lately.

10 Oct 2012

♡ Extra 10% off on Asos!!

Source: Asos.com
Just want to say that Asos is having 10% off today, I don't know how long this is going to last but it's worth it, I love that it can be applied to already discounted items. I just got myself the Pixi Early Bird Make Up Kit. I hope it's good. It looks really pretty.

♡ Daily Skin Care Routine

I've been using this set of products religiously for more than two weeks now, and the combination works for my skin. For your information, my skin is oily-dry and acne-prone. I feel that my skin feels better now, but still acne-prone. :/ It takes time I know.

1. Aloe Liquid Soap is basically a cleanser. You can google it if you want more information. From my point of view, my skin doesn't feel moisturized after this, it feel rather dry, not super dry but a little. I like the pump-action dispenser making it hygienic. 

2. Aloe Vera Gelly, it's a soothing clear gel for acne-prone skin. What I do is spread it all over my skin and let it sit for a while before applying anything else. I've been using it as moisturizer which is not really. But I like it, though using too much would leave your skin sticky because the skin can't absorb it all. I love the fact that it hasn't make me break out or dried up or irritated my skin. 

3. Gill Invisible Face Gel that I have already reviewed here. I would just apply this on my pimples. It dries them up, slowly. Really slowly but it works for me, it doesn't make me break out.

After applying both of these gel, my skin would feel smooth and non-sticky. This is my routine for day and night. If I have to go out, I would just do this but be more lightly with the gels and put foundation and makeup on this. You have noticed I don't use any toner or moisturizer. Right now, I don't need any moisturizer because the Aloe vera gelly does the job well. For toner, I have not find any that I like, most of the toners I have tried yet makes my skin feel oily, sticky and not fresh. I'm still looking for the right one. Do you have any recommendation for a good conditioner? Please tell me what you use please? If you have the same skin combination as I mine, please tell me what works for you xx

Edit: For acne-scars and dark spots, what products have been working for you? 

8 Oct 2012

♡ Elite Model Eye Shadow Brush

I was thinking of getting all the makeup brushes from Elite Model then I told myself to just get one by one because they are expensive--actually they are cheap but I need to know if they are good. So far, I've just two, the other one is the foundation brush which I like though I feel that I use more foundation when I use this brush but maybe it was just because I put too much makeup on my hand and the brush just pick all of it. I tested the eye shadow brush and it's good,  I like it better than the basic brush that you get in palettes. And it's SOFT. Soft like the foundation brush, probably the same material. Next on my list to get is the powder brush or maybe the blush brush first because I need one since I'm using an unbranded powder brush to put on blush brush. 

I got this at Intermart Bagatelle at Rs100 which is approximately $3. Cheap right? (yeah, what the hell is she saying expensive lol) Anyway, I was with the bf today :) Love you, he does not read my blog though. It's okay else he'll criticise my bad English. We watched "Lady Vegas", the original title is "Lay the favorite".  Pretty good movie. 

If you have ever used Elite Model brushes, can you tell me how you like them please? I would love to know if they are any good compared to other brands like elf, real techniques, and others nice makeup brands that are NOT sold here and are so difficult to find online and if you, they don't ship to Mauritius or they could be fake. Why is it so hard to find great genuine makeup stuff at cheap prices. I want Sigma brushes, the Mrs Bunny collection, they look so cute haha, no okay I just want to sigma F80. I'm just rambling on. Have a nice night or day to whoever is reading this post.

Edit 1: I have 3 followers omg~~~Thanks for following me!

Edit 2: I forgot to include something. I cooked chicken masala curry with potatoes today and it was good. I cooked that several times but today it was perfect, I actually like what I cooked, that's why I thought that I should include this in my today's post :) The trick for this is not to overcooked the potatoes, to season well with salt and not too much masala spice powder. Damn I don't remember the brand, I should because I think it's the best tasting masala. I just know that it's written "masala moins piment" and the brand starts with "a" and ends with "gar". 

5 Oct 2012

♡ It's the time of the month

The title says everything, it's the dreaded week of this month and I have not done much except eating the pain away which doesn't work at all but whatever. I did not cook today and so no food post today and also I had no eggs to bake a cake at least. I stayed home, 'babysat' my cousins, cooked quick meal for them and nothing else. I mostly spent my day on Youtube watching videos of ItsJudysLife, they are so funny and cute to watch and they make me want to eat veggies and fruits. What else did I watch today? I watch half an episode of BNTM episode 13, I don't know if it was the finale but Anita left, so sad because I liked her a lot than Laeticia - I don't know if I wrote her name right. Anyways, there's only Laeticia and Emma in the run for BNTM. Okay this episode was probably the finale because I was only half way through this episode and I've already seen Anita go. I'm going to watch the end tonight. Hey people, what do you do for the pain to go away!!!!! I used this asian medecine which sort of heat the area where you apply it, it works a bit. Let me show you a picture.

It's an oiI with a really strong smell. don't even how this is called but I like this a lot, it smells homey (for me) and let's just say that it's not something that you can wear going out because everybody is going to smell this. That is it for today, pretty random. Hi to you if you are reading me. Have a nice night :)

4 Oct 2012

♡ Asos Mini Haul

There was a sale on Rimmel products on Asos last week, so I got myself the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Silky beige for £2.50 and Rimmel London Mono Blush in Pink rose for £2.50. I have to say that I'm slightly disappointed about the color of the blush, it seemed more vibrant on the website but whatever, it's fine. I'll review these soon. I purchased these two because there were so many raving reviews about these and they were cheap. I just need new brushes now. I think I'm going to buy all the Elite Models brushes. WHY is there absolutely NO review on Elite Models brushes by the way? Are they bad? I've no point of comparison actually except my brushes with no name, that I don't like using anyway because they are coarse and no skin-friendly. 

♡ Baked Fish

3 lbs any fish
2 lemons juiced
Garlic, thyme, salt, pepper, Olive oil

1. Preheat your oven at 200°C.
2. Marinate your fish with salt, pepper, crushed garlic and thyme.
3. Coat your baking dish with olive oil.
4. Place your fish in the dish (not stacked up).
5. Pour the lemon juice on the fish and a little bit of olive oil.
6. Bake for 30 minutes or less or more depending on your oven and the size of your fish.

I cooked this fish tonight and I have to say that it was quite dry mainly because I let it bake for too long but the taste was okay. I'm not a fan of lemon in food except cake or candies or drink but you know, I could get used to it - maybe. That was my first time baking fish actually. The way I cooked it was covering the baking tin with aluminium foil. I left it in the oven for approximately  30 minutes but it was still uncooked, very very lightly white so I took the aluminium foil off and put the tin higher in the oven. I left it baking for a little less than 45 minutes but it was overcooked and so dry even though there is still sauce in the baking tin. So I guess that cooking the fish without aluminium foil for 30 minutes would do the job. 

3 Oct 2012

♡ My Pretty Fishes

They are our second parrot fish couple. Parrot fish are pretty fragile especially during season changes - my opinion. I filmed that video when both of them were ok even though one was lying on the filter. They are really cute, I don't know whether it's a couple, male & female. Apparently, it's hard to discern their gender according to the seller. I like parrot because they are cute, they like playing with each other or fight or 'kiss', and they look like cute cartoons that you want to cuddle haha. They are shy and need time to adjust to their new environment; that could take one-three months or more. The one that LOVES the filter is sort of sick, I don't know if she/he is eating, I've put it into 'quarantine' until it's better :/ Hopefully, that would be soon. *crossed fingers* I don't know what disease it has, it has dark spots but that's because it is stressed because of new environment but there is no physical symptoms, it is just quiet all day, doesn't move much, doesn't eat much also, doesn't have any belly bumps or whatsoever. I have absolutely no idea what's wrong with it.

♡ Gill Face Invisible Problem Skin Gel

There's is apparently sulphur as listed in the list of ingredients but I'm happy to say you can't smell the sulphur. Instead, it smells like a male perfume, I don't know how to explain this smell but there is a strong fragrance, pretty okay-ish/manly. The gel is white, non-greasy and dries clear when applied on skin. It feel fresh on the skin and does not sting your skin. As for the effectiveness of this cream, I cannot say anything yet. I'll update later. I feel that maybe it is working but I don't know for I use this together with Forever Living Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. 

♡ Cacao Cake

1 cup self-raising flour sifted
1/2 cup cacao sifted
3/4 cup castor sugar
1/4 cup butter
1/3 cup milk
2 eggs

1. Preheat your oven at 180°C.
2. Melt your butter. Cream your butter and sugar together. Use the remaining butter to grease your baking tin.
3. Add egg one at a time and whisk thoroughly.
4. Stir in your flour,cocoa, milk and mix lightly.
5. Pour the mixture in your baking tin. Bake for 15 minutes or less depending on your oven.

It's not one of my favourite cake because it's pretty compact even though it's not greasy. I like chocolate better than cacao I guess. For the dryness of it, I think it could be improved by using 1/3 cacao and 1/2 cup milk.

2 Oct 2012

♡ Lemon Cake

150 g butter
150 g self-raising flour
130 g icing sugar
3 eggs
1 lemon
3 tablespoon water

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C
2. Wash the lemon and finely grate the skin to get the zest. Cut the lemon and get the juice. Boil the juice, zest, water and 30g icing sugar till you get a syrupy liquid, then set it aside.
3. Melt your butter and whisk with the remaining icing sugar. Grease your pan with the remaining butter that's left.
4. Add your eggs one by one, sifted flour and mix thoroughly each time.
5. Using a spatula add in the syrupy liquid and stir lightly.
6. Pour the mixture in your pan and leave it for 30-40 minutes depending on your oven.

So here's the recipe that I've used to make this cake, I would suggest using less butter though. I'm not a super fan of this cake, the banana cake was so much better. Maybe it just lacks more lemon. Hopefully next time, I'll get this lemon cake right, I've never tasted lemon cake in my life but my dream lemon cake would taste fresh and taste lot more lemon-y.

1 Oct 2012

♡ Mini Haul

Actually I didn't plan to go shopping today, we were supposed to go see Maison Eureka with the bf and then to the movies but we had a change of plans. So we went grocery shopping at Bagatelle and I spent some time in the beauty alley checking what's new and what's cheap and what's intriging, you know right? Anyways, I allowed myself two stuff: the Elite Model Foundation Brush and Gill Invisible Problem Skin Gel. I've been eyeing the Sigma F80 brush online but the shipping fee makes it so expensive and I've been waiting for Sigma to have some kind of sale like free shipping. Till then, an Elite Model brush could do, I hope so. At least  the bristles are really soft. For this Gill skin gel, I've never heard of it before, so I thought that I might as well give it a try and there is apparently sulfur in it. 

Rs. 200 from Intermart
I don't remember the exact price but it was less than Rs.150 from Pick N Pay
I will review these too later after a couple of uses, stay posted! What else can I say? I've cooked "Poule Rouge et teo-kwon" and a lemon cake tonight. The cake is a really greasy and the lemon taste is pretty light, it's good-ish - it taste industrial! I'll think I use more lemon next time and less butter, I could maybe with milk, I wonder how's that going to taste like. I'll post the recipe tomorrow.