20 Oct 2012

♡ Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Eyebrow Styling Kit

Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Eyebrow Styling Kit
This was packed nicely in a box. The makeup kit box is open.

Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Eyebrow Styling Kit
The pretty small kit. It's pink. I don't super love the packaging because it looks a teeny bit fragile but it's cute.

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Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Eyebrow Styling Kit
The 3 squares on the left are wax and two brows shades. There is a highlighter pen as well to highlight the arch of the brows, a small brush to apply the wax and color on the eyebrows and a tweezer. These 3 look really dainty. 

Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Eyebrow Styling Kit
Here are the 3 stencils, they are just simple thin plastic paper. Next to them is a picture of a card that was included in the package for the instructions of how to use this kit. 

I purchase this from Feel Unique for £7.95, click here to see more details. If you are new to Feel Unique and have no account on it, just leave a comment below with your email address or email me because then I can invite you on feelunique.com and you can get 10% off your first order if it is over  £5. I love discounts and I did buy this one with that 10% ~ got the invite from bf :) Eventually I also added something else to my cart, I got myself the Sebamed Clear Gel face which I'm still testing out. Anyways, back to the review, it's small and light and a bit fragile. But for the price, I guess it's okay. The two brows shades can be used as eye shadows as well. If you want a eye makeup/ eyebrow kit, give this one a try ;)

Update (30 Oct 2012)

So I've been using this for about two weeks, it has been kind of hard to include this in my makeup routine, sometimes I would just forget about it.

The wax area got dirty because I used the same little brush to apply wax and the brow shade. I would not use this brush to apply both though, now I use the brush just for the wax. I'm not a fan of the brush honestly because it does not keep it shape. 

I've been using the slim arc stencil. I've reshaped my brows based on it and I LOVE this. Got dirty with the brow shades.

The picture is blurry though sorry. But the bristles were covered with wax and brow shade. Dirty.
I love this kit because it makes my eyebrows look so good! But I hate that it is fragile-like but whatever for the price, it's fine. My advice to you if you buy this, do not use the brush, maybe just for applying wax. The tweezer is okay, I've used it twice already and I like using the highlighter pencil to enhance my brows, I do think it makes a difference.

Do I recommend this? YES
Would I rebuy again? Maybe not, anyway this looks like it's going to last for a long time.


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