8 Oct 2012

♡ Elite Model Eye Shadow Brush

I was thinking of getting all the makeup brushes from Elite Model then I told myself to just get one by one because they are expensive--actually they are cheap but I need to know if they are good. So far, I've just two, the other one is the foundation brush which I like though I feel that I use more foundation when I use this brush but maybe it was just because I put too much makeup on my hand and the brush just pick all of it. I tested the eye shadow brush and it's good,  I like it better than the basic brush that you get in palettes. And it's SOFT. Soft like the foundation brush, probably the same material. Next on my list to get is the powder brush or maybe the blush brush first because I need one since I'm using an unbranded powder brush to put on blush brush. 

I got this at Intermart Bagatelle at Rs100 which is approximately $3. Cheap right? (yeah, what the hell is she saying expensive lol) Anyway, I was with the bf today :) Love you, he does not read my blog though. It's okay else he'll criticise my bad English. We watched "Lady Vegas", the original title is "Lay the favorite".  Pretty good movie. 

If you have ever used Elite Model brushes, can you tell me how you like them please? I would love to know if they are any good compared to other brands like elf, real techniques, and others nice makeup brands that are NOT sold here and are so difficult to find online and if you, they don't ship to Mauritius or they could be fake. Why is it so hard to find great genuine makeup stuff at cheap prices. I want Sigma brushes, the Mrs Bunny collection, they look so cute haha, no okay I just want to sigma F80. I'm just rambling on. Have a nice night or day to whoever is reading this post.

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Edit 2: I forgot to include something. I cooked chicken masala curry with potatoes today and it was good. I cooked that several times but today it was perfect, I actually like what I cooked, that's why I thought that I should include this in my today's post :) The trick for this is not to overcooked the potatoes, to season well with salt and not too much masala spice powder. Damn I don't remember the brand, I should because I think it's the best tasting masala. I just know that it's written "masala moins piment" and the brand starts with "a" and ends with "gar". 

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