27 Dec 2012

♡ Four days till 2013

Hi beautiful people :)

I have to say sorry to my lovely blog for the lack of posting because I didn't have much time and I did not feel like blogging really. But now I AM BACK. I love you lovely blog. And you, how did your Christmas go? We had a rainy Christmas this year - at least the temperature slightly dropped, it was not excruciating hot though humid. Don't you hate humidity? I loathe it. What I did on Christmas day was a road trip with my family, that was pretty tiring but good. And yeah, le bf came home in the morning and we exchanged gift and he got me something that I have been wanting for a long time but I could not bring myself to buy it because of the price. He got me the YSL Rouge Volupté in #7, it is soooooo beautiful. It just makes me look precious. Do you get what I mean by precious? I can't explain it but that's the word that come to mind whenever I look at my reflection wearing this particular lipstick. This single but amazingly beautiful lipstick was around MUR 1100 ($36 approx.) at Mado. Do I think that it's worth spending that much money on a lipstick? Not really but for a gift, yes oh yes!! For Christmas etc, you should give something that the person wants - not needs. Definitely. I want more YSL. *Hint Hint* He does not read my blog though. haha. The next gift I want is a powder compact from Chanel with the mirror inside, I want the square one, I don't want the round ones with loose powder. 

2012 is almost over and we did not die! So much for the drama on the internet right? Haha, but it was fun, I was at work and my colleague was like 'we're going to die at 3pm.' Next year will be the year of 'Snake' in the Chinese horoscope. I wonder if 2013 will be good to me, considering that I am a Snake. I don't believe in superstition...actually I do, I think I do, though I should not. But reading horoscope just comforts me. Not that I read horoscope everyday huh. I just read the start of the year predictions. New year equals to resolutions and resolutions are so easily forgotten about after a few months/weeks/days/hours haha. I love writing resolutions though, it just gives me hope for the new year, I have not written mine yet though. I should get to it, and my first line would be "1. Eat clean food and exercise regularly". Isn't this on everybody's list? 

Anyways, I will continue blogging because I am loving it even if nobody ever reads :) I hope that you will stick with me and continue following my blog and read my rants and stuff. I have so many beauty products to review but I'm too lazy to take pictures and write concise reviews. And I need to use these products for a much longer period of time. I got myself new stuff off the internet and here like the Naked 2 palette which I'm a little disappointed about. I know there is so many reviews on the internet, but you know, one more will hurt nobody and I'm from a tropical island with super hot temperature, don't you want to know how these products work from someone with sensitive skin in a hot environment? Haha, I want. I need to follow more people who are from hot/warm countries because I want to know what works for them because my foundation feels sticky sometimes and soooo thick. Comment below so I can follow you, pretty please?

Thanks for reading this little piece of my mind!

Stay put, 
xoxo Meeline

12 Dec 2012

♡ 12.12.12

Hi beautiful people out there, today is the a very special day for this century, it is 12.12.12. Nothing out of the ordinary happened to me today, except it was my last day of exams. Speaking of that, okay I won't and I don't want to talk about that because I don't know how well/BAD I did. What else? Oh yeah, it has been deadly hot today, and even BB cream felt like thick-ass foundation on my skin. 

My skin, I will update about the Clarisonic later, maybe two or three months from now. The thing with skincare is that you know it really works after a few months, then you can say how much you like it or hate it. I'm still loving it, right now I'm looking for the right cleanser that is fresh and does not has these little grains inside for exfoliating and stuff. I regret my purchase of today, I bought a cleanser called Nivea Visage Pure Effect All In 1. I hate it because there are small grains in it, and it stings my skin a little plus I don't think it's good to use that kind of cleanser with the Clarisonic. By the way, FeelUnique is having like a special giveaway every hour today for 12 hours. Click http://www.feelunique.com/landing/12Hours to see more.

I guess that is all for today, I just wanted to share a glimpse of my day and what I'm thinking and my take on this special-but-not-so-special-for-me. I guess it was special in a way because I was with the bf today. Yeah, we can say now that we spend that day together right? Hey, that is something special! I really want to shop online, I don't know what to buy, I just want a good gentle cleanser. I don't like the gentle cream-like cleanser though, I like the foaming ones that smell good. Haha. Anyways, people please tell me what you are buying online that are good stuff huh :)

Have a nice night..or day everyone, and thanks for reading my random thoughts.

PS: I'm sad because this asos black jumpsuit is sold out in my size, it was not that expensive, it was in stock yesterday:/ now it's out of stock. It sucks. Oh no it's still in stock but it's back at the original price, double sucks. It was 15 pounds yesterday now it's twice. Sucks. 

It's pretty right? Too bad.

9 Dec 2012

♡ Elite Models Foundation Brush

"Elite Model Foundation Brush"
Hi beautiful people:) Today, I'm going to finally make a review of this foundation brush by Elite Models. I have been using it regularly for over a month now and I think its a rather good brush. The bristles are surprisingly really soft and I've experienced zero bristles fallout. For a relatively cheap brush, I think it is awesome and it does not "lose color" when you put it in hot water. I do that to kill all germs. Anyway, what I would to is put a little foundation on the brush, dab it on different areas of my face and start blending out. It's like painting except that it is your face, after you are done painting, you could be left with streaks of foundation but that is fine, the solution is to dab the side of the brush onto your skin and voila! zero streaks.

I can't say that my face look flawless etc because it depends on several stuff like foundation, primer etc. But it does a fine job. Since I don't have any brush to make comparisons, I will say that I like applying foundation with this brush rather than using my fingers because I feel that I use less foundation with the brush. And to wash it, I would just use soap and water and then finish off with hot water to kill bacteria.

I would recommend this to anyone just starting out with foundation and who wants a cheap brush, this is the one to buy. It is definitely worth the money. It is sturdy. There is no shedding. No loss of color. The bristles are soft. What else do you need, right?

4 Dec 2012

♡ November Favorites

Hi everyone! It's already December, time flies so quickly. I thought that I could start with a new monthly post like monthly favorites with products or anything that I've been liking during the month. That could a great way to share I guess :)

"Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme in 626 Cha Cha Cherry"

I've been wearing this one beautiful red-ish lipstick for this entire month. It makes me look awake *haha*. And I don't need to constantly reapply lipstick and by the way I hate reapplying lipstick. I love that it stains my lips a little so it feels like it last a long time. It is a matte moisturising cherry-red lipstick.

"Pink Clarisonic Mia"
I made a post here about the Clarisonic Mia. I've been loving it, I've used it regularly every day and night except last Saturday because I forgot to charge it. I've not seen major difference  yet except that my skin feel smooth even if I have pimples and no flakiness at all. I am breaking out (not in a crazy way) but I think it's because of my food intake rather than the Clarisonic, I've been having fat-foods craving this past week:( Won't happen again I hope.

2 Dec 2012

♡ Wishlist #3

or you know just for a little gift for no special occasion :D

I've just found this website that offers free worldwide delivery including Mauritius AND please pay attention, they deliver URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE. There are still restrictions on Benefit products though. Whatever I just want the Naked or Naked 2 palette, I don't know which one I prefer. The thing I love about the is its packaging, a gorgeous pigmented and non-powdery eye shadows and the fact that they come with a brush. I want it :/ I have to wait a little though, it's a little pricey and I don't need really another palette because I already have the Pixi one which sucks. 

Both palettes are £36.00 each which is not bad plus there is a voucher code 3XMAS to get £3 off any orders over £30. Oh and yeah I forgot to mention that website, it is called lookfantastic.com.

Urban Decay Naked Palette £36.00

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette £36.00

Maybe I could mention the other products that I'm eyeing beside the Urban Decay palette, right? Let's do it too ^^

Okay, I browse the website, they are lot of products but none that catches my attention except the Benefit products which of course I can't buy because there are country restrictions. So yeah,   what I want for Christmas is one of these two Naked palette. I'll probably buy myself one next year, it would be late Christmas gift to myself.

Edit: I checked their Facebook page here and here. It seems that their customer service is not that great. I'm reading others' post on their pages and they are saying that it could take a lot of time before lookfantastic.com send out their orders, they don't answer emails promptly, and overall, you have to have a lot of patience with them if you place an order. So, I get it, I will not order during peak season and I will be sending them very courteous emails if my orders are late - I'm not being sarcastic huh. I think that when you send companies friendly letters, they will reply to you. That get me thinking that I should have been more courteous with the Sigmabeauty customer service. I got a big issue with their service and with the quality of their brushes, I'll talk about it in a later blog post.

Edit 2: I know which one I want. The Naked 2 palette because of the dual brush, the bigger mirror and the colors are beautiful, more cooler supposedly but people are saying that they go with everyone, so.. plus some colors are similar to the Naked original palette. So good, the only down part is there is no lid primer but instead a plumper shimmering gloss sample thing.

Image sources: Google

1 Dec 2012

♡ Early Bird Pixi Make Up Kit

I wanted to try this for a while before making a review on this one. I saw this Asos a while back and it was on sale for £11.25 (originally £16.00). So I thought why not, the price is fairly good for a palette that size and the photos are gorgeous of the website. I tried to google reviews on it, there wasn't much about it:/ But I did go and buy it because it was on freaking sale and the fact that there were eye bases and blushes and highlighter, I just couldn't not buy it. Okay look at these pictures from Asos, it looked so pretty!!! The palette is called the Pixi Early Bird Make Up Kit

Early Bird Pixi Make Up Kit
"This Early Bird make-up kit has been made by Pixi. The details include: a foldable palette featuring three blushers, two bronzers, a highlighter, four eye base shades and 16 shimmer eyeshadows in a range of light shades, which can be worn alone or blended together to create a natural, daytime look."