18 Oct 2012

♡ Fake Bleu de chanel

So here is the story, my sister has a collegue at work who knew somebody who was selling Mado perfumes and she emailed her a list of perfumes that she was selling and each was at Rs1500. So I trusted that person because who the hell would sell counterfeit items to colleagues and at work. So I purchased Bleu de chanel, it was supposed to be a gift for le bf. It's been with me for approximately a week and I was having doubts about the authenticity. The package looks the same, the only thing was the serial number was not aligned correctly in the middle. Other than that it has everything right, letters was embossed, barcode etc. I have once before google how to spot fake bleu de chanel by the way. And I opened the box today and when I saw the cap, I knew that it was a fake. The chanel icon was no perfect and the cap was not magnetic, the bottle was all scrapped and cloudy. It had all the characteristic of a fake, no serial number, bottle not smooth, etc. I was so pissed, it's partly my fault, I should not have trusted that person. I DON'T even know that seller's name because it's supposedly the friend of the sister of that colleague  Right now, we're asking that girl for a refund and she's saying that a refund would be difficult because she doesn't know that seller much but she's offering another fucking perfume. Stop kidding people. It's NOT okay to scam people. I know it was fake bacause I knew what to look for. I bet that other people who bought from her are not aware that they have bought fake. Fakes are dangerous, never use fake. Never. Just google the dangers of using counterfeit items. This should be reported to the police. I'm so pissed right now. I'm glad I opened it and not my bf, that would have been such a disappointment. I never witness a scam like this so close to me. I've seen it on the streets and online but selling at work. Wtf. I don't even want to take pictures of it, I don't even care if it smells as the original or if it smells good because it's FAKE.

Excuse me for grammar mistakes, I'm typing from my phone. My laptop has been down for a week, the adaptor stopped working and that is why I have not blogged lately.

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