4 Oct 2012

♡ Asos Mini Haul

There was a sale on Rimmel products on Asos last week, so I got myself the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Silky beige for £2.50 and Rimmel London Mono Blush in Pink rose for £2.50. I have to say that I'm slightly disappointed about the color of the blush, it seemed more vibrant on the website but whatever, it's fine. I'll review these soon. I purchased these two because there were so many raving reviews about these and they were cheap. I just need new brushes now. I think I'm going to buy all the Elite Models brushes. WHY is there absolutely NO review on Elite Models brushes by the way? Are they bad? I've no point of comparison actually except my brushes with no name, that I don't like using anyway because they are coarse and no skin-friendly. 

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