4 Jan 2013

♡ I wished I was a boy

I'm drinking my favorite tea: La Chartreuse Green tea Classic

Don't you wish the same? I'm tired. I'm bloated. My face is breaking out. I'm having horrible abdominal pains. My head is throbbing right now. I'm having food cravings. I want to eat everything. I'm moody too. Yeah, it's my time of the month. I'm exhausted, the worst part are definitely the throbbing headaches. But it is okay, I'm cozy in my chair, in front of my laptop with a hot cup of my lovely tea (with air conditioner on!).

You know why I wished I was a boy? Because won't need to go through pregnancy! I'm so apprehensive of that stage of life. I love babies but I'm not okay with the delivery section. And we won't need to menstruate and suffer the pains that goes with it. We could gain weight and say that we want to be a sumo if somebody mentioned our large body - I don't think a guy would really say that but that would be fun! Plus, we won't need to worry much about clothes as our sole worry would just be color coordination. That's all! oh yeah, we won't need to worry about our hairs. Emphasis on the hairs!!! because it is time consuming, don't you agree with me?  Lastly, we won't need to wear makeup, we could just wash our face in the morning  and maybe put a little cream, then we would be done.

But I'm a girl. And I like makeup because it can hides my flaws. My damn physical flaws. I like beauty stuff too because they help fight my flaws. I hate being a girl because a girl is so self-conscious. I am self-conscious. This time of the month makes me more self-conscious than normal. 

Okay, my headache is gone :) Ranting is good for health. Haha

Have a good night everybody.


  1. sometimes i wish i was a boy too! they go through less pain then we do :(
    followed you xoxo

  2. I'm happy to be a girl ! There is the bad side : pain, always have to look good, and so on, but I think that's it's more funny to be a girl. I like choosing an outfit, I like doing my make up, I like finding thing super cute and so on. So if I was a boy I think I'll be bored or be gay. >.<

  3. totally agree with you! Thanks for following me :)

  4. hahaha I didn't think of it that way, maybe you're right! :P

  5. I love being a girl! You're right that PMS issues can be hard. But that's what midol is for lol ;) *hugs*

  6. I just googled Midol, I used to take one called..gosh I forgot the name, I used to take it during my teenage years but they were not effective on me, so I gave up on meds

  7. Indira Cherietmoi7 January 2013 at 19:36

    haha... really cute post as being a girl, dear. But same like everyone else, I'm so glad to be born a girl! ^_^

  8. I wish that sometimes when it's the time of the month!! haha