25 Nov 2012

♡ Unboxing the Clarisonic Mia

I've been eyeing the Clarisonic for a while, looking at reviews on Youtube and loads and loads of pictures. For what I've read online, the negative arguments were that you could break out the first few weeks of using it, the price of course, its lifetime and its questionable efficiency on cleaning the skin and there is a lot of negative reviews on the deep pore cleansing and acne brushes, so I'm glad that it comes with the sensitive brush when you buy it.

I got the Pink Clarisonic Mia, it came with a sensitive brush, a sample size of the Clarisonic gentle hydro cleanse, the charger and an instructions booklet. I did pressed the on button and I was super surprised that it was on, the Clarisonic hummed. It was omg to see that. 

I used it that night itself. I first removed all my makeup with a makeup remover emphasizing on the eye area because you can't use the Clarisonic on that area. For the makeup remover, I used Pure Camille Floral Cleansing Milk. Then, I put a little more than a pearl size of my Pure Camille Cleansing gel on the middle part of the brush and pressed on.  By the way, I didn't have to charged it when I got it, I guessed it was charged enough for two minutes. It felt nice on the skin, like something vibrating, it was not irritating. I do not apply pressure, I do not squish the clarisonic against my skin like it is said on the instructions booklet. Apart from the fact that it felt good on my skin and that it definitely makes cleansing easier(quicker too), I did not see a difference on my skin. When I was done, I dried my face with a cloth towel, my skin did not feel super dry after, and I applied my Aloe Vera Gelly which I usually apply about 3 pearl size. And yes, my skin absorbed the gel much faster than usual and normally, my skin would be a little sticky with the gel but it did not after cleansing with the Clarisonic. My skin absorbed it all!!

L-R: Pure Camille Floral Cleansing Milk, Pure Camille Cleansing Gel and Aloe Vera Gelly Soothing Clear Gel.

I rinsed the brush with just water and dried it lightly with a towel and let it dried on my table with the plastic cap on. It is adviced once a week, you take the brush off the rinsed it with soap and hot water and that the handle too should be cleaned the same way. Also, I read that a lot of people had problem with the drying because the Clarisonic would smell moldy the next day but it did not for me!! One more thing, a lot of people said that the brush was get really dirty with makeup residues after cleaning your face even if you used makeup remover beforehand but my brush was clean, so I guess that my makeup remover works really good. Lastly, my skin felt soft and it felt CLEAN. 

I let it dry in that position with the plastic cap on.

See? The brush is clean. 
About the Clarisonic Gentle Hydro Cleanser, I'm saving it for a later when I'm not home. It is mentioned on the tube that it "Removes impurities while soothing and comforting" and the active ingredients are "Aloe, Cucumber, Japanese Green tea". All the good natural stuff right? Have anybody used the Clarisonic cleanser yet? I wonder if it does more for the skin, I will check for reviews later on but I'm satisfied with my routine cleanser right now. 

Okay, I've used it 4 times since I got it, I've been using it twice daily, day and night. I know that could sound a little too much but I think that my skin was already used to being exfoliated that much because I used to exfoliate with a sponge exfoliated like this one twice daily and my skin got used to that after a while. I would not recommend anyone this though. I do it because my skin can apparently take it, I have not seen any bad reaction like skin irritation or redness, I want my skin to be clean and I want see changes. For charging, I don't know if it takes exactly 24 hrs to be fully charged, I think it took less but you know that it's done if the light stopped blinking. It is said on the booklet that a fully charged Clarisonic could work for 20 minutes. That weird right? 24 hrs charging for just 20 minutes. I just use it on my face by the way, I don't want to shorten its lifetime, and I need just for my face anyway. I will keep you updated on my Clarisonic experience.

On a side note, when I got this, my dad said that I shouldn't use it for a long time because it surely has a small motor and I could damage it if I do so. He did not even know what the Clarisonic works and he did not read the instructions but he guessed good right. So for people out there, that's info for you. I wouldn't use more than one minute (or two) in one go because this Clarisonic is so precious to me, I don't want it to die! Please never die, I love that much already.   I have to thank my boyfriend too because he helped me decide whether to get it or not. I wanted it already but I wanted approval because the Clarisonic is expensive and I would have felt guilty about it. Hey, it's not as if I always ask for approval huh, I asked for opinions, okay?? Lol. 

It is gentle for all skin types especially acne-prone.
It makes cleansing easier and quicker because now you know that you can clean your face only for one single minute.
It's easy to include this part in your skincare routine.
Any product that you apply on your skin afterwards would be absorbed quicker and eventually be more effective,
It feels nice and relaxing on the skin.
You have to charged in only once in a week or two.
It does exfoliate your skin and get rid of dead skin cells and of all flakiness. 
It makes your skin feels smooth.

The price. BUT the thing is that if it is effective for you, the price would be not a problem because you would use less skincare products like face scrub or expensive cream for whatsoever. 

Have not experienced yet
Clearer skin with less acne (though I did not get new pimples yet)
Smaller pores.
Cleaner pored with no blackheads or whiteheads. Why does blackheads always returns??
Reduce of fine lines and wrinkles. I don't think I have wrinkles or maybe? I don't know.
Reduce oily areas and blemishes. (It does get rid of flakiness)

I love my Clarisonic, would I recommend it? Yes.


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