19 Oct 2012

♡ Free Worldwide Shipping Websites

Who does not love free worldwide shipping??? I love shopping online because you get cheaper prices and you can get brands that are not available here in Mauritius. Let me give you my favorite online stores where I've bought stuff from and they offer free international shipping on all orders and no matter where you live and they ship here!

I check Asos every single day, this is how much I'm obsessed with Asos, I've bought shoes from them and mostly makeup. Their shoes are true to size and even if there is a problem, you can always return them and return is free. I've never did that because I never had to but it's good to know that there is this option available. And I think that every week they have discount on a specific makeup brand like last week, there was 20% off on Pixi makeup and this week POP beauty stuff are on sale. Asos sells clothes, shoes, makeup, skincare, accessories and other stuff and there is a men section as well.

FeelUnique, I knew about this one from my bf and it sells mainly makeup, skincare, hair related items. I usually compare prices from Asos because sometimes items can be cheaper there or vice-versa. My bf bought a Remington curling wand from Asos and it was half the price that you see here in supermarkets. So do check out, the holiday season is near, they will probably be having super good deals, I hope even though I don't need anything right now.

I love eBay but do not buy cosmetic, skincare, perfume and stuff like that on Ebay because most of the time, you could be buying fake products that can be dangerous. But I love the fact that eBay has a buyer protection. For example, if you did not received your package or the item that you bought were fake or not working, Ebay will work out with the seller or something and you will be reimbursed. I've bought jewelry, computer parts, radar for dad, car stuff, fake eyelashes and yes I did buy makeup on Ebay. I learned the hard way, I bought fake lipstick, fake Revlon actually. I did not know it was fake till much later on and I learned about the customer support much much later. I'm sad because I wasted money on fake Revlon but whatever now I know, DO NOT buy cosmetic from Ebay okay? Buy from Asos or Feel Unique or cosmetic-love. I was scammed once on Ray Bans, Dad saw them on Ebay and said he wanted them, so we bought them, a month later still no delivery. I contacted that seller, no response, so I contacted customer support and I explained everything. I were reimbursed one-two week later. Sorry for blabbering, anyway a lot of sellers offer free worldwide shipping.

Cosmetic-love, this is a new site I'm buying from but I've heard good things about it. The website sells basically Korean cosmetics and skincare such as Missha, Tony Moly and Etude House. And you can a number of free samples depending on how many items you order so it's pretty good. I can't say much about the brands that they sell because till now, I tried only Missha. I had a small size Missha BB Perfect Cover Cream and I love it because it's so creamy. And this one too do sale on specific item each week or month, I don't really know. The last time I checked they were selling two hand creams for the price of one. Pretty good deal and they are having 10% off BB creams -_-" I saw that some days after I've already ordered. Damn, you can't always win right?

I never bought anything from Amazon because most of the time that I've tried, they don't ship here :/ Amazon has maybe more reliable sellers. I wished that browsing was easier on Amazon, that filter searches and get only items that shipped to Mauritius. That would make life so much easier. 

Other website offering free worldwide shipping but I've have not tried them yet:
revolveclothing # Expensive but supposedly good quality
tgiwholesale.com # I don't know if this one should be trusted, I read once that someone bought a fake missha bb cream from there. But do tell if you I'm wrong though.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whenever you shop online, always pay through Paypal because there is a buyer protection with it too, if you are scammed, you will be reimbursed. Just sign up for a Paypal account and you're good to go. Do make sure that if you have a complaint, make in within 30 - 40 days (I don't exactly remember how long but check the FAQ on Paypal  after purchase because after that, you will not be able to get refunds. 

If you want to know where I buy my circle lenses with free shipping, click here.

Where do you shop online? I want to know new websites even though it's not free shipping :)


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