3 Oct 2012

♡ My Pretty Fishes

They are our second parrot fish couple. Parrot fish are pretty fragile especially during season changes - my opinion. I filmed that video when both of them were ok even though one was lying on the filter. They are really cute, I don't know whether it's a couple, male & female. Apparently, it's hard to discern their gender according to the seller. I like parrot because they are cute, they like playing with each other or fight or 'kiss', and they look like cute cartoons that you want to cuddle haha. They are shy and need time to adjust to their new environment; that could take one-three months or more. The one that LOVES the filter is sort of sick, I don't know if she/he is eating, I've put it into 'quarantine' until it's better :/ Hopefully, that would be soon. *crossed fingers* I don't know what disease it has, it has dark spots but that's because it is stressed because of new environment but there is no physical symptoms, it is just quiet all day, doesn't move much, doesn't eat much also, doesn't have any belly bumps or whatsoever. I have absolutely no idea what's wrong with it.

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