21 Oct 2012

♡ Wishlist #1

A girl can always dream, right? :)
Image Source: SigmaBeauty.com

How cute is this kit? It's super pretty and container for all this brushes. This kit is the Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit. Expensive. But they look super fluffy and pretty and cute. ^_^

Image Source: Google
I freaking want to Blendtec, that's because of Benji from Itsjudyslife and yeah, watch this youtube channel: Will It Blend? It blended a iphone and a samsung galaxy 3, can you believe it? It's so powerful and from what I've understood the blades are not even sharp so you can't hurt yourself when you wash the blender. I so want to this. Any people giving these away for free, anyone? haha

Image Source: Asos.com
I've been loving these oversize man-style watches and I'm in love with this one. Michael Kors MK8096 Rose Gold Watch is also really really pretty as well but if I had to choose I would want this one, it's called the Marc By Marc Jacobs Steel Watch

Image Source: SigmaBeauty.com
Another brush you say? This one is different, it's not included in the Mrs. Bunny kit and it seems to be the BEST brush ever for foundation. The holy grail for foundation! This is the F80 Flat Kabuki Brush. It's $16, the price is okay taking into consideration how high quality it is but you have to pay shipping and shipping to Mauritius is so expensive. I'm just waiting for the day when SigmaBeauty will release free shipping coupon code. This is obviously the cheapest in this list but I'm just waiting for sale, if that ever happens.

Image Source: Rokderm.files.wordpress.com
The famous Clarisonic Mia. Bloggers, youtubers, everyone have been raving about this one beauty product. It's about £120 on Asos and they only ship it to UK :/ FeelUnique also sell this, I don't know if there are restrictions on shipping address though because it is not mentioned on the website. I want one of these so bad. At least I want to try and see how it works for me.


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