25 Oct 2013

♡ Music on repeat

I'm totally fan of this cover  - much more than the original.

♡ Shopping problem

My problem today was I could not decide on what items I want to buy the most plus being savvy at the same time. So this morning I got this email from asos - which I cannot stop mentioning - for an extra 10% off which normally I would rushed to but today was like what should I buy because I want so many things. My life is so sad I know. Haha. Anyways, when I got home, I switched on my laptop and stayed glued to the screen for hours till almost midnight when I finally made my choice. Oh and yeah I did not stick to asos only, I browsed feelunique, echemist and bath&unwind looking for what I need to most. Hey you, don't judge me, online is where I only ever shop because I'm a potato couch and anti social and have no patience to look and walk for that single thing that I want and would spend hours looking fot it at shops but all in vain, and then I would gorged myself with fatty fastfood to compensate for my unhappiness. And I don't know how to freaking spell anymore, I'm not sure I've written two words right but whatevs. I'm blogging my heart out tonight. I'M FAT. AND stressed out. And I've got so much work tomorrow, and I don't know what to wear and I'm tired but can't sleep because of my insomnia due to me being on laptop all day long. Imagine me lying on my back typing on my phone and with a double chin because I have to tilt my head slightly down towards my phone. Such a bad image right. I'm so fat. Lol and that was supposed to be a post on asos shopping spree. Welcome to my messy mind processing. Listen to me people, head over asos and enjoy that extra 10% off. An early birthday gift - like I get myself several times a month. Gosh I suck. Love you honey if you're reading me(to my bf, not you)

18 Oct 2013

♡ Wishlist #11

I'm addicted to online shopping. But my excuse is I don't shop much here except groceries. So I can do online shopping. If only I had never-ending fund. I need more money to buy more stuff and buy more room to get to fit more pretty stuff. 

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Backless Cami Playsuit

Oasis Leopard Slipper Shoes

Oasis Leopard Triple Compartment Leather Shoulder Bag

12 Oct 2013

♡ Brassy hair no more

Lately my highlights has been bothering me, they turned slightly orange and brassy which I hate, even my base color was brassy under certain lighting. So, I was eager to find a remedy to my hair problem. I wanted to get a purple shampoo. I had no idea what it was  all I knew was that blondes use it to get rid of yellow tint and get a clean ash blond. I went straight to feelunique.com and splurge on the Fudge violet toning shampoo. I used the term 'splurge' because this is the most I've paid for a shampoo in my life. But it was totally worth it, I noticed a big difference the first time. Now I have ash blond, and different color tones but no more brass/orange. The shampoo is very thick and of course a very deep purple. The best thing is this shampoo smells amazing! I love it so much. I'm thinking the biggest size of this shampoo which comes with a pump which I find more practical.

Do you use purple shampoo? Which one do you recommend?

5 Oct 2013

♡ Sheinside Review

Last month or so, I don't remember when exactly (time flies so fast and it's October already), I bought three piece of clothing from sheinside.com, I was watching so many hauls from that website on YouTube from the beauty/fashion gurus, so I wanted to give it a try. Yeah I know that many of these gurus do these hauls videos because they are sponsored free clothes from them but whatever I found the clothes really cute. So I took the plunge and browse the bestsellers category and gone through with the payment. Two or three weeks later I got my order, I was sort of impressed with the packaging each garment came in because it's like a plastic bag that you can zip which I find super practical to store clothes. I don't have any personal pictures of the clothes just because I didn't take any of them but I want to share my thoughts on them. (Maybe I'll update this post during this week with pictures of them or not - most probably not) Anyways, let's get down to it.

Brown Weave Piercing Wraps Bat-wing Sleeve Sweater
I was really excited about this one because I've been looking for a brown cardigan for so long and this one is a wrap/shrug which is what I like to wear. I was a little disappointed about the fit just because it was shorter than I imagined it would be and the construction of it is very poor. As for the material, it's not soft or whatever, it's probably polyester or a plastic like fabric. It's pretty on though. The brown color did wore off a little after the first wash, now it's like a dull brown, it's still okay to wear it now but I'm not crazy about it anymore. I don't find it comfortable too because it's keep sliding off my shoulders, I feel like I have to pin this cardigan to my vest or whatever I'm wearing because I hate re-adjustment my cardigan every second. 

Beige Geometric Eyelet Embellished Knit Jumper Sweater
This one is the most popular sweater ever, I keep seeing this one everywhere. I felt like everyone has that already except me, so I got it because it was so pretty. It's a pretty beige color. I hate the material, probably same kind as the brown shrug and I really thought it would be a thin material but it's thick and too warm for the weather here. But it look really good on though I wish the sleeves were past my wrists, they stop awkwardly before my wrists - hate that. 

Apricot Sleeveless Peplum Hem Jumpsuit
This was the only reason I went on there. It is so pretty. It does not fit me as I would have wished but it looks really good on. I wore on a date with the boyfriend yesterday with some nude heels - looked pretty fancy in my opinion. The fit is off around the top, probably because I'm flat (know what I mean?), so if I have to lift my arms, you could see that it's large on me. The color is a pretty beige, similar to the eyelet sweater. The material is pretty thin, quality is so-so. There were bits of threads sticking out but nothing major that a pair of scissors can't fix. Another thing is the material does crease easily, so beware.

If you're looking for quality clothing, sheinside is not the right choice. I will not be buying from there again just because I like quality over fashion and I think that the clothes I got are not worth the price I paid for them. Sheinside does have some amazing beautiful fashion pieces which I would love to own, you can see pictures of the clothes all over the internet. The decision belongs to you now.

A little side note, the reviews on the website for some of the clothes on there seems a little fishy to me - don't trust them, just read blogs or YouTube reviews instead.

Pictures source: sheinside.com