29 Jan 2014

♡ Feelunique is doing a Valentine's special 3 day treat

I got this in the mail today and got excited because it's 15%. I've nothing specific to get. Oh actually, I do have to buy that murad primer for my brother, and I'm thinking of getting theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer because there are so many good reviews about it but then, I'm thinking of getting a highlighter from Chanel instead. Right now, I'm really really tempted to buy everything I freaking want. Today was a bad day and I just want to shop my frustration away. So, shopping today is a bad idea, I'll wait for tomorrow maybe after family dinner, I'll make an order. What are you planning to buy? I think I'll gift myself a really nice valentine's day bundle gift from Feelunique and even get gift wrap (because I'm weird like that..for one pound, it's not bad). 

28 Jan 2014

♡ Blog sale

I'm selling some stuff from my wardrobe on facebook, on this closed group, click here.

Let me show you some items, if you interested, please comment below :)

Asos Maxi dress in black
Length: 145 cm
New with tags
Proposez vous prix

TFNC gold sequin dress
UK 4/XS (will fit small)
Length: 80 cm
New with tags
Rs 1,500

Asos petite leopard blazer
Length: 51.5 cm
Worn once
Proposez votre prix

Asos leopard dress
UK 6/ Fits XS & Small
Length: 82 cm
Worn once
Proposez votre prix 

Asos petite bustier gold playsuit
Length: 44 cm
New with tags
Rs 1,500

Geometric eyelet knit sweater in beige
Fits xs/small Length: 56.5 cm (front) & 69 cm (back)
Worn once
Proposez votre prix

P.S: Naked 3 is back in stock on hqhair.com!!

26 Jan 2014

♡ Black hair + stained hands

I've finally dyed my hair black today after my 2nd failed attempt at ombre, read my post on that. I was so over the orange/brassy hair, I just went black. I bought Revlon Colorsilk in Bright Black, they were on sale at Intermart, and they stated "Ammonia free", so I got that one. I woke up pretty late today, noon actually, I washed my makeup brushed which I have not done for TWO weeks, I know it's bad, I was just busy/tired last weekend. Then, did my laundry, ate lunch and did my hair while watching "The exes". I like this series, it's funny.

What happened was that once the 25 minutes of wait was over , I took off the plastic gloves that I got in the box, I found that the solution got through the plastic and stained my hands. This is the first time this ever happens. Ever, even the cheapest brands have okay quality gloves. But my hair is black and does not smell of hair dye which is rare for hair dyes in general, so I'm happy about it. I'm not sure if I like the black on me, I actually don't haha, because I still want that ombre look. 

I hope you all had a great weekend, mine was okay-ish, nothing much happened. I did go shopping yesterday for some fun pink flip flops, cotton pads and nail polish remover, a hair conditioner, and that's it. Ohhh and I saw a beautiful tan blazer at Mango for Rs 2,400 something, I did not get it though because it is so expensive and I don't know how it would fit in my daily wardrobe. It was so beautiful though. I did not thought it was wise to spend that much on a single clothing item - so proud of myself. Anyways, let me show you.

It does not look that bad in picture, but trust me, it's bad. I hope nobody notices that at work.

25 Jan 2014

♡ Out of primer + a splurge

Okay being out of primer is a huge problem for me because it means that my makeup won't last even till noon and I wear foundation every single day I go out. I totally freaked out this morning. Maybe you don't understand this, but ever since I started to wear primer, I never stopped. How the hell did I run out of primer so fast? I don't get it, I was expecting it to last longer, but then we have been two using it. I should have thought about that and ordered a backup online earlier. By the way, the one I've been using is the Murad Blemish Primer, I've gone through two bottles and I definitely recommend it. My makeup last all day with this and maybe helps with acne - not so sure about this claim and in my opinion, its mattify-ing and neutralising power does not last long. Anyway, I'm out of it, I will be ordering one today from FeelUnique.

Ordering online means I've to two or three weeks, and I can't do that long without primer, so I got into Mado and asked for a primer. She showed me three: starting with the Guerlain L'OR Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold which I've been eyeing on the internet, Le Blanc De Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base and Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. I asked the price for each before swatching any of them. Yes, because I'm weird like that. Secretly, my heart was set on the Chanel one because I've always been wanting something from Chanel, I just needed to know the price. So, the Guerlain one was pricier of the three. The Chanel was at Rs 1,335, surprisingly it is about the same price as the Murad, both are 30ml too. I swatched all three on the back on my hand, the Chanel smells amazing and seemed matifying. The Guerlain felt like so liquidy like water, super easy to blend, that felt sooo hydrating - I want to get that Guerlain. The Clarins one, I was not crazy about it because it came in a small jar and you have to put your finger inside, not hygienic. 


I ended getting the Chanel one. Maybe I should not call that a splurge because it is basically the same price as my usual primer. I should add that in Mado, the sample came in a pump, so as dumb as I am, I thought that it was its normal packaging. I just opened my little black box, and sadly, no pump, NO PUMP. WHY WHY?? This could have been a staple in my makeup collection. But no, it does not come with a pump. It's like a bottle of nail varnish and you get a spatula. I don't this, I just don't think it's hygienic..I can get over that though maybe because it smells amazing. As for how well it works, I've no idea, I'll do a review after a few weeks. Ohh and she gave me a sample of Lancome Tresor with my purchase!

23 Jan 2014

♡ Rain + my guilty pleasure

Kylie showing Khloe what she did to her hair and she got dye all over her neck and scalp.

It's raining so hard right now. I'm watching the second episode from Keeping up with the Kardashians season 9. I love this series a lot, much more than any reality tv shows. I teared up when Khloe cried in the car..She's so beautiful, my favourites are Khloe, Kylie and Kim. I love Kourtney too, love her bohemian-ish style. Okay, I love every one of them, all the Ks, etc.

 I would love to get a dvd collection *hint hint*

22 Jan 2014

♡ Wishlist #14

Dogeared Heart Ring

Dogeared Infinity Love Necklace

Dogeared Infinity Ring
I find these Dogeared dainty pieces so perfect. They are made of sterling silver coated with gold and this just means that you can wear it every single day.

Yeah, the end to my valentine's day gift guide. I just ran out of ideas. I started this post last night at about 11, I thought I would sleep on it and maybe more ideas would come to me. But the thing is if I continue this post, it is going to be a wishlist for me, I was going to include like makeup palettes, handbag, purses and tons of materials stuffs.

My advice would be to get your girlfriend or otherwise something they want that they would not necessarily buy for themselves. Clothes are a bad idea except if she said specifically and pointed it out to you and stated the size, just stay away. I guess that this applies also to jewelry as well, or makeup, and handbags, etc. It is very subjective to the person you're looking to please, with all these endless post about gift ideas, you might find yourself still clueless. The best gift I would say is give her something she's been wanting and talking about for a long time, this is probably something expensive or inaccessible to her, so get that. Okay? Get her that or that & that & that - like a nice bundle, you get what I mean? A bundle. I want a bundle.

I still don't know what to get the boyfriend. Someone do a gift guide please, I don't what he wants, actually I do, he talks about camera and flash but these stuffs are crazy expensive and I'd rather give him something he would actually use everyday. A watch? Yeah, I think a watch is perfect gift but he is so choosy, he does not like Michael Kors, who does not like MK right? Me, but I don't like MK because they look so manly but on men, they look good.

Thinking about it, I could buy these jewelry myself, huh? This is the worse guide ever.

Hey, why should I get a gift for the boyfriend? ...I'm kidding. Fun fact: my dad once said that it's the boy that gets the girl gifts and not the opposite.

Honey, what do you want?

P.S: Don't give that commercial crap thing about Valentine's day. Whatever. It is a another opportunity to celebrate being a couple and share gifts, okay? and don't be cheapskate. Or okay, you can give something you made yourself but it should feel like you really spend a lot of time and thought on it..no I don't like DIY gifts.

21 Jan 2014

♡ Hate being itchy

My skin around my neck is itching right now. It has been bothering for about 2-3 days and I've been taking allergy medicine ever since it started. I don't know what it is. My mom got that once and the dermatologist said that it was hereditary but I didn't get the name of that sickness. The thing is that it is not only my neck that itches, at times it would be my legs, arms, face, and especially my back, there are still marks on my back which is so annoying. But I can't help scratching myself because it's unbearable. There are no unusual physical symptoms, it is just very annoying constant itchiness. Google-ing has been of no help at all, it just makes me more anxious about it and I fear that the doctor could say that I have whatever serious thing. So I'm like undecided between going to the doctor or just deal with it. But I should really go, I've already gone through one tablet of allergy med, these med did not really work I think because I would still be itchy. I don't freaking know, I just want to scratch my neck but it will go tomato red, and I have to go work tomorrow, so I can't scratch, I'll just put tons of chinese ointment on my neck - hoping this will stop the itching. 

Oh my, I should really stop google-ing that, I just saw terrifying rants on forum and these images are freaking me out. Seriously. I've no flaky skin, I don't know what the heck this is, is there a problem with my liver? I should go see a doctor, but I've work and I'm busy on Saturday - look at me making excuses. I'll go soon. 

Or not.

15 Jan 2014

♡ Collective online haul

I've done quite a bit of online shopping during Nov-Dec period with all the sales going on, so I just indulged and got myself some backup products, new things I want to try + more. I got some of my orders from the post office today, I was a little shocked by the number of packages there were actually.

Asos Sonic pointed heels in black
Asos Petite high waist trousers with zips in black
Garnier ambre solaire after sun soothing hydrating lotion 400ml
Garnier ambre solaire clear protect high SPF30 200ml
Hawaiian tropic sensitive face sun lotion SPF30 120ml
Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion original 11ml
Real techniques miracle complexion sponge
Mudd original mask deep cleansing pure clay formula reseable pack 100ml
Clearasil daily clear deep cleansing toner 250ml
Quinoderm cream 10 50g
Bioderma sensibio H2O micelle solution 500ml
Clearasil ultra rapid action gel wash 150ml
Sigma F80 flat kabuki brush

But now that I've listed everything, it doesn't seem that much. I'm most excited about the makeup items.

Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush. Yes I got two. One for an upcoming giveaway:)

Real techniques miracle complexion sponge

Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion original

9 Jan 2014

♡ Swapping the blue with the grey

New package from Geocolouredlenses.com

My new eyes for 2014: Geo Tri Color Grey

Geo Tri Color Blue

These are both from the Geo Tricolor series: blue and grey. I loved this blue one, I have been wearing it everyday but I got bored of them and yeah, I'm swapping them with a new pair of grey ones, I'm going more "natural" this year...maybe.. Anyways, I just wanted to share this with you. This series from Geo is the most wearable and natural, I definitely recommend them. You can get yours at geocolouredlenses.com. I love this website because they always have my prescription.

Did you see my prescription numbers? I'm so blind.

8 Jan 2014

♡ I got me some pretty Maybelline Color Tattoos

No flash

With flash

No flash

With flash

I find these little pots so precious, don't you? I'll share my thoughts with you once I get a good few uses of them.