28 Dec 2013

♡ L'Oreal Wild Ombre No. 2

I bought this kit a while ago on Ebay for about $15, I just left it in the back for my drawer because I liked my hair as it was, I already had a sort of ombre-ish. Today, I thought I would use it to get a little more blonde, and light in my hair because it turned very dull and boring. It is fairly easy to use, you just mix everything together, pour some into the brush and apply. Super easy. 

BUT, I hated the finished look, it look too light, too brassy and I did not have a toner and plus I did not like thought of me with so much blonde. By the way, I actually decided to try it today because I had a backup of a dark brown color hair dye. So, that came in pretty handy. Now I have dark brown hair.

I'm not going to post pictures of the result of using this kit because it was so damn ugly on me. Whatever, I've brown hair now with some red/brassy tint which is so freaking ugly but that will do until I buy a black hair dye. What do you think of black? Hmmm, I don't know, I already miss my ombre-ish hair. I suck at dyeing. I suck at choosing hairstyle or hair color. Wouldn't it be amazing to go a hair salon and that hairdresser will decide what style will suit you better and I would only have to say I just love long hair, so don't cut it too short, that is all my intake and he/she will just make all the decisions. 

2 Dec 2013

♡ Insomnia

This is going to another personal post. Sorry to bore you guys out. I can't sleep. I'm typing on my phone right now, I have a peeling mask on and I just did my nails, so I waiting for both to dry. I had a long nap earlier, maybe that's the reason why I'm not sleepy at all. My nails are still so sticky, I've on constance carroll base coat, Bourjois purple glitter nail polish and a Bourjois top coat. I love this combination so much...I've been seeing a lot of thanksgiving videos on youtube, people saying what they are thankful for and they made me think of what I am thankful for. I'm thankful for my relationship with my boyfriend, I think we are definitely in a good place relationship wise, I love that he's not the jealous type which I used to find weird and I hated that because for me, it meant that he did not care. But he does and he does not have to be jealous anyway. When I asked him why he's not jealous when people look at me and stuff, he usually says he is proud that I chose him. So yeah :) oh my face is itchy. That picture is his perfume right now, I really love this scent. I rarely find perfumes I like. It's Versace Homme? I think, I'm not sure. Anyway, Versace do not make a variety of men perfumes, do they?  I'm thankful also for having a bf with no wandering eyes and flirting ways. You do not right? Atleast not when we go out:p I love you honey. What else? I'm thankful for my job which in such a small span of time is making me grow and definitely helping me fund my expensive taste. I'm thankful for my family and for some precious happy moments we have at times. 

I can't think of anything else, these are the three I'm most thankful for this year. And it is nearly one o'clock. I should stop being on laptop before nighttime and just workout instead. I should have workout tonight but I was stuck on revolveclothing looking at sale items, and busy googleing rayban gradient smoke sunglasses because it is on sale right now. So I did spend some time researching real life pictures of it but found none. I bought it anyway, my brother said it was pretty, so this is going to be his Christmas present. I don't know what to get my boyfriend, I'm so lame, I've no clue about what I could give him. I know what he really wants right now is a flash for his dslr but the one he wants will obviously be super expensive. He said he want one of these lite gadget knife thing and a waterman pen. But I don't find these personal enough. Or simply enough. So I don't know.

By the way, there is 20% extra off discount on asos.com, head there now!!! There's nothing specific I want right now from asos, so I got nothing. Sad I know. I actually want a lot of stuff from there, but since I can't choose, I simply don't buy anything. What I've learned about myself is that if one of the items from my 'saved items' list is low in stock, that instantly prompts me into getting it.
Priority wise, I should get my eyes checked, get new prescription contact lenses, get a pair of coloured ones online or two, get a new deep pore clarisonic brush, get pants and blouses for work, and get a watch. My wants are the watch, the rebecca minkoff bag, a pair of real pearl studs earrings, a fire opal ring...I should really sleep now. Good night beautiful people.

1 Dec 2013

♡ It's official, I bought a fake OPI

Yes I did because it was first time in my entire life that I've seen an OPI nail polish, so I bought just because it looked pretty and I really wanted to think of it as being real. I got for Rs 200 which made me doubt its authenticity but I did not care, I just went ahead and got it. I'm so stupid I know. I got it in one of the shops in Bagatelle mall, I don't know if it appropriate to say which shop, so I'm not going to mention the name but they normally sells jersey/cotton clothes with no branded name or logo on their clothes. I was looking for crop tops there and when I got to the counter, I saw these pretty little bottles, I had to get at least one. I even asked the salesgirl if they were real OPI. Gosh I knew they were fake but yeah, I got one. Let me show you some pictures. I have not swatched it already since I already have a nail polish on but at least this fake does not smell over-chemically.

It looks legit, right? To me it did look legit just because I never owned or seen in real except online an OPI.

Yes the name of it is Blushingham Palace. The first thing I did when I got home, I google "OPI Blushingham Palace" and then I knew.

This is what google gave me. It showed me pictures of the real Blushingham Palace and it's pinkish. For heaven's sake, mine is nowhere close to this in terms of color.

While I was typing it on Google, I was already thinking that if it was a real one, I was definitely going back to get all the colors. Can you imagine how disappointed and foolish I felt? Maybe not everybody would understand how I feel about fakes, it's okay. I'm just sharing. I thought I would make a post out of this, not super informative - there is enough info on the internet to help you differentiate real from fakes. So just google if you need more info. I thought of making a little video just because I could, and I wanted to. Sorry, I don't know how to cut and edit, I only used Youtube editor tools. 

I'm such a newbie. I should have filmed this is landscape mode. By the way, I did this with my phone - HTC Desire HD.

Update 01.12.13 
I hate the nail polish, I just tried it tonight, it is horrible in color, it looks like poo and the brush is too thick - not in a good way. I hate it. This is definitely going to the bin. It was such a waste of money.