7 Apr 2014

♡ Tangle Teezer Compact Leopard Print Styler

I know this review is one long overdue. I got this last June, see my post here. I remember I regretted my purchase back then, now I'm like whatever. This brush does what it claims to do, it is compact and de-tangles your hair easily and almost pain free. Some hair would get stuck in between the bristles (??) naturally like with any other hair brushes. I still think this is leopard print is so ugly and this brush looks so cheap-ish toy-lookalike in real life. This brush is all plastic and I've no problem washing it with water and soap though water would remain inside and you have to shake that off. Other than that, I've nothing much more to say. Would I repurchase this if I lost it or recommend it to anyone? Hmm I don't know, maybe because it's annoying to brush my hair since my hair is dry and tangles easily.

6 Apr 2014

♡ Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution

I was on fence on buying this for so long because it is relatively expensive and I did not thought it was that important to get this specific one just for taking your makeup off. But let me tell you something, I LOVE this and now I regret not getting more of the 500 ml. I purchased this one from echemist.co.uk and they only have the 250 ml in stock now. The reason why I love this is it feels like water, yes like water, simply water, no fragrance, no stinging, nothing, just water...does not taste like water huh because I tasted it..I took off my lipstick and licked my lips..And yes, it takes off makeup easily though I might admit that it takes more than 2-3 swipes to take off mascara but it's fine because it does not even sting your eyes. You know these makeup removers that dry out your face or leaves a sticky or oily film on your face, you won't get these issues with this one ;)

5 Apr 2014

♡ NOTD #2

This combination has been my favorite for a really long time. I would have that on my nails for months and not get bored of it though eventually now, I'm over it haha. I thought I would share what nail polishes I've used for this.

Step 1: Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Polish No.45 Rose Merveille

Step 2: Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish No.14 Rainbow Apparition

Step 3 (for more shine): Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish No.01 Transparent Glossy

3 Apr 2014

♡ I'm a Dior Addict

I already had the idea to splurge on something before getting into Mado and so I did. I swatched a lot of lipsticks and lipgloss mainly YSL and Dior ...because of their packaging. I ended up with this really sparkly one of a kind(according to me) lipgloss because I don't own any lipgloss, I never really liked lipgloss because most I've tried were sticky but I thought that this one looks soooooo pretty that I could overlook the sticky-ness if it was. Anyways, I got a Dior Addict Gloss in Minauderie.