2 Oct 2012

♡ Lemon Cake

150 g butter
150 g self-raising flour
130 g icing sugar
3 eggs
1 lemon
3 tablespoon water

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C
2. Wash the lemon and finely grate the skin to get the zest. Cut the lemon and get the juice. Boil the juice, zest, water and 30g icing sugar till you get a syrupy liquid, then set it aside.
3. Melt your butter and whisk with the remaining icing sugar. Grease your pan with the remaining butter that's left.
4. Add your eggs one by one, sifted flour and mix thoroughly each time.
5. Using a spatula add in the syrupy liquid and stir lightly.
6. Pour the mixture in your pan and leave it for 30-40 minutes depending on your oven.

So here's the recipe that I've used to make this cake, I would suggest using less butter though. I'm not a super fan of this cake, the banana cake was so much better. Maybe it just lacks more lemon. Hopefully next time, I'll get this lemon cake right, I've never tasted lemon cake in my life but my dream lemon cake would taste fresh and taste lot more lemon-y.

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