28 Dec 2013

♡ L'Oreal Wild Ombre No. 2

I bought this kit a while ago on Ebay for about $15, I just left it in the back for my drawer because I liked my hair as it was, I already had a sort of ombre-ish. Today, I thought I would use it to get a little more blonde, and light in my hair because it turned very dull and boring. It is fairly easy to use, you just mix everything together, pour some into the brush and apply. Super easy. 

BUT, I hated the finished look, it look too light, too brassy and I did not have a toner and plus I did not like thought of me with so much blonde. By the way, I actually decided to try it today because I had a backup of a dark brown color hair dye. So, that came in pretty handy. Now I have dark brown hair.

I'm not going to post pictures of the result of using this kit because it was so damn ugly on me. Whatever, I've brown hair now with some red/brassy tint which is so freaking ugly but that will do until I buy a black hair dye. What do you think of black? Hmmm, I don't know, I already miss my ombre-ish hair. I suck at dyeing. I suck at choosing hairstyle or hair color. Wouldn't it be amazing to go a hair salon and that hairdresser will decide what style will suit you better and I would only have to say I just love long hair, so don't cut it too short, that is all my intake and he/she will just make all the decisions. 

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