22 Jan 2014

♡ Wishlist #14

Dogeared Heart Ring

Dogeared Infinity Love Necklace

Dogeared Infinity Ring
I find these Dogeared dainty pieces so perfect. They are made of sterling silver coated with gold and this just means that you can wear it every single day.

Yeah, the end to my valentine's day gift guide. I just ran out of ideas. I started this post last night at about 11, I thought I would sleep on it and maybe more ideas would come to me. But the thing is if I continue this post, it is going to be a wishlist for me, I was going to include like makeup palettes, handbag, purses and tons of materials stuffs.

My advice would be to get your girlfriend or otherwise something they want that they would not necessarily buy for themselves. Clothes are a bad idea except if she said specifically and pointed it out to you and stated the size, just stay away. I guess that this applies also to jewelry as well, or makeup, and handbags, etc. It is very subjective to the person you're looking to please, with all these endless post about gift ideas, you might find yourself still clueless. The best gift I would say is give her something she's been wanting and talking about for a long time, this is probably something expensive or inaccessible to her, so get that. Okay? Get her that or that & that & that - like a nice bundle, you get what I mean? A bundle. I want a bundle.

I still don't know what to get the boyfriend. Someone do a gift guide please, I don't what he wants, actually I do, he talks about camera and flash but these stuffs are crazy expensive and I'd rather give him something he would actually use everyday. A watch? Yeah, I think a watch is perfect gift but he is so choosy, he does not like Michael Kors, who does not like MK right? Me, but I don't like MK because they look so manly but on men, they look good.

Thinking about it, I could buy these jewelry myself, huh? This is the worse guide ever.

Hey, why should I get a gift for the boyfriend? ...I'm kidding. Fun fact: my dad once said that it's the boy that gets the girl gifts and not the opposite.

Honey, what do you want?

P.S: Don't give that commercial crap thing about Valentine's day. Whatever. It is a another opportunity to celebrate being a couple and share gifts, okay? and don't be cheapskate. Or okay, you can give something you made yourself but it should feel like you really spend a lot of time and thought on it..no I don't like DIY gifts.

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  1. Cute ideas! I actually have the Dogeared Infinity necklace in rose gold. I love it and wear it practically everyday! The husband got it for me for Christmas and it's so lovely and dainty. :)

    xo - Sheila