5 Nov 2012

♡ Newbie to fake eyelashes

The first time I tried to put a fake eyelash on, I took over thirty minutes just for one eye and it was a total disaster. Ruined makeup and blotches of glue, can you imagine that? But now I found the trick, get "natural" eyelashes and a good glue. These supposedly natural eyelashes are much more flexible than the plastic ones, I got 10 pairs for $3.51 with free shipping on Ebay, they are called the Thick Natural Soft Long False Eyelashes Lashes in 009

The picture of the eyelashes from Ebay.

It's a plain carton box with TEN false eyelashes :) This style specifically is not very noticeable actually, they do not look super fake on me. Maybe next time I'll try another style.

The next most important thing is good eyelash glue, this is the best one I've used so far, it does not get tacky super fast, you get a lot of product for your money. I have bought the Eylure Lashfix Adhesive For False Lashes on ASOS for £2.00 and it is awesome. How can I explain this? It does not get super sticky when you apply the glue and the glue set really fast when you apply the eyelashes on your eyes. Did you get it? No? It's okay:p

Get it here. It does dry clear. It does not hurt like hell when you take the eyelashes off. It is cheap. Go buy it.

It's a little 6ml bottle and I love the applicator, it's easier to apply a thin layer of glue with it.
Excuse my horrible eye makeup, you can definitely see where the fake eyelashes end but whatever, it's not noticeable unless someone does a closeup on you. I'm still mastering the art of putting these, they are so not close to my natural lashes :/ damn but it okay, nobody notices from a normal distance. I'm wearing my Geo Tricolor Blue, I wear this one everyday.

This is it for tonight, it's 7 pm here, I just wanted to share what I've been loving lately, I have added this to my makeup routine everyday. Sorry for not replying to your comments, I've been busy but I am reading your comments by emails :) 

Share your newest finds, I would love to know! xx


  1. I wish they sold 10 packs at the drug stores around here! Thanks for sharing!

    7Jaded, the blog

    1. Oh I wish so too but I'm thankful that I can get these from Ebay!

  2. It looks great. Wow. I try it only 1time, but it looks so nice., Have a nice day.


  3. i want those lashes

    xxx much love! have a nice evening :)
    share the feeling
    visit <3

    1. Definitely get these, you'll not regret it:)

  4. Great pics & Blog!!! xoxo from Rome


    Ps. Follow each other on GFC & Bloglovin???

  5. Wow I like it!!!
    Have a good week! and my G+ for you...

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  6. i can't do this:) I was trying:) Thank you for such great post!

    Welcome to my blog!

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  8. Fake eyelashes are the best ; I have extensions because I'm horrible at figuring out how to glue them on my own!

    Red Soles and Red Wine