21 Jan 2014

♡ Hate being itchy

My skin around my neck is itching right now. It has been bothering for about 2-3 days and I've been taking allergy medicine ever since it started. I don't know what it is. My mom got that once and the dermatologist said that it was hereditary but I didn't get the name of that sickness. The thing is that it is not only my neck that itches, at times it would be my legs, arms, face, and especially my back, there are still marks on my back which is so annoying. But I can't help scratching myself because it's unbearable. There are no unusual physical symptoms, it is just very annoying constant itchiness. Google-ing has been of no help at all, it just makes me more anxious about it and I fear that the doctor could say that I have whatever serious thing. So I'm like undecided between going to the doctor or just deal with it. But I should really go, I've already gone through one tablet of allergy med, these med did not really work I think because I would still be itchy. I don't freaking know, I just want to scratch my neck but it will go tomato red, and I have to go work tomorrow, so I can't scratch, I'll just put tons of chinese ointment on my neck - hoping this will stop the itching. 

Oh my, I should really stop google-ing that, I just saw terrifying rants on forum and these images are freaking me out. Seriously. I've no flaky skin, I don't know what the heck this is, is there a problem with my liver? I should go see a doctor, but I've work and I'm busy on Saturday - look at me making excuses. I'll go soon. 

Or not.

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