25 Jan 2014

♡ Out of primer + a splurge

Okay being out of primer is a huge problem for me because it means that my makeup won't last even till noon and I wear foundation every single day I go out. I totally freaked out this morning. Maybe you don't understand this, but ever since I started to wear primer, I never stopped. How the hell did I run out of primer so fast? I don't get it, I was expecting it to last longer, but then we have been two using it. I should have thought about that and ordered a backup online earlier. By the way, the one I've been using is the Murad Blemish Primer, I've gone through two bottles and I definitely recommend it. My makeup last all day with this and maybe helps with acne - not so sure about this claim and in my opinion, its mattify-ing and neutralising power does not last long. Anyway, I'm out of it, I will be ordering one today from FeelUnique.

Ordering online means I've to two or three weeks, and I can't do that long without primer, so I got into Mado and asked for a primer. She showed me three: starting with the Guerlain L'OR Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold which I've been eyeing on the internet, Le Blanc De Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base and Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. I asked the price for each before swatching any of them. Yes, because I'm weird like that. Secretly, my heart was set on the Chanel one because I've always been wanting something from Chanel, I just needed to know the price. So, the Guerlain one was pricier of the three. The Chanel was at Rs 1,335, surprisingly it is about the same price as the Murad, both are 30ml too. I swatched all three on the back on my hand, the Chanel smells amazing and seemed matifying. The Guerlain felt like so liquidy like water, super easy to blend, that felt sooo hydrating - I want to get that Guerlain. The Clarins one, I was not crazy about it because it came in a small jar and you have to put your finger inside, not hygienic. 


I ended getting the Chanel one. Maybe I should not call that a splurge because it is basically the same price as my usual primer. I should add that in Mado, the sample came in a pump, so as dumb as I am, I thought that it was its normal packaging. I just opened my little black box, and sadly, no pump, NO PUMP. WHY WHY?? This could have been a staple in my makeup collection. But no, it does not come with a pump. It's like a bottle of nail varnish and you get a spatula. I don't this, I just don't think it's hygienic..I can get over that though maybe because it smells amazing. As for how well it works, I've no idea, I'll do a review after a few weeks. Ohh and she gave me a sample of Lancome Tresor with my purchase!

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose Sample

Strangely I knew much more about the Guerlain and the Clarins ones because I read tons of reviews about them. But I got the Chanel even though this was new to me, not actually a new product but new to me. Chanel called my name... Ahhh, let me show more pictures.

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