29 Jan 2014

♡ Feelunique is doing a Valentine's special 3 day treat

I got this in the mail today and got excited because it's 15%. I've nothing specific to get. Oh actually, I do have to buy that murad primer for my brother, and I'm thinking of getting theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer because there are so many good reviews about it but then, I'm thinking of getting a highlighter from Chanel instead. Right now, I'm really really tempted to buy everything I freaking want. Today was a bad day and I just want to shop my frustration away. So, shopping today is a bad idea, I'll wait for tomorrow maybe after family dinner, I'll make an order. What are you planning to buy? I think I'll gift myself a really nice valentine's day bundle gift from Feelunique and even get gift wrap (because I'm weird like that..for one pound, it's not bad). 

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