8 Nov 2013

♡ Wishlist #12

While writing that title, I remember "oh there's my birthday before Christmas" ohh goody but nobody is going to give what I really really really want. I do a lot of online shopping - not super lot like over 100 pounds each time. But the thing is I feel I never get what I really want. I get stuff that I need and really want because it caught my eye. But the stuff that caught my eye but is not a necessity I can't bring myself to get them because I suck and I've no money and I said but and because like a hundred times already and this phrase is so long and has so many mistakes in it. Don't laugh at me, you can smile - I'll allow it. I had a really long and tiring week, doing overtime everyday to respect my deadline, I'm a little anxious about that - which explains my splurge I did thirty minutes ago, I splurge on sandals. It's not splurge when it's 32 pounds for a pair of brown leather Steve Madden sandal with old style gold spikes, right? It's investment. I've been needing a pair of sandals for so long, I've been eyeing these specific ones for ever but they were always out of stock. When I saw them online and said 'low in stock', I promptly add it to my pretty little empty cart that digs hole in my pockets but fills my heart with warmth and happiness. My point with this post is to show what I want or need or whatever. I want all of them. I think some of the items will be repetitive (see my earlier post) - I can't help it. I like wishlist. They make my stress go away for a while at least. And make me happy. Then make me sad because people won't buy them for me. But then, it's just my to buy list. My never ending to buy list. Can I be famous for making wishlist. Would it be awesome to paid for doing wishlist and people can buy stuff from my wishlist and then I'll get a percentage of that? It would be awesome. AWESOME. 

Marc By Marc Jacobs Amy Gold Bracelet Watch

This watch is super beautiful. When I first started looking for the one, I looked at Michael Kors because there were so many pictures of them on tumblr, instagram, everywhere but then I tried on my dad's, they just felt and looked too masculine on me. I just love this one because of the little shiny crystals, it looks so fancy. It have been so much better if there was date on it. But this is my favorite. I don't want to look anymore. This is the one I want. Together with these skinny Cartier bracelets. Lol I've seen pictures. You can't deny it, you love the combination of this watch and these Cartier too!

Yeah, you know what I really really want is the Chanel 3.55 bag. But this one is like the next best thing next to Chanel that I could actually buy in terms of accessibility. Thanks revolveclothing.com for selling genuine brands. I want this bag. It is actually small, a little smaller that I would want. There is a bigger version of this type but it's not available on revolveclothing, no actually there is one but it's like covered with studs and twice as expensive. I don't think I'll like an overdose of studs. I have my hair to cover collar covered all over with studs, I don't think I have enough hair to cover a bag of studs. This one is quilted, full leather, gold chain, two length style, all I want for Christmas is you and all of the items above you.

Ted Baker Taffety T Clasp Leopard Print Purse

I need a purse. A new purse. A leather leopard Ted Barker purse. It's a combination of all I love. Leopard, leather,gold details, a sneak of pink inside, all quality, and super expensive. But I want this one. Anybody interesting in giving me this one for free, you know just for the pleasure of giving *smiles while fluttering my non existent eyelashes*

Dogeared Faith Cross Necklace

I want this one just because it's dainty and gold. I think it's gold plated and the base is silver. I don't know exactly why I want this one. I just feel drawn to it. It could make me look fat. You're asking yourself what's the link there. You can't understand.

And there is this nail polish set from Nails Inc that I really want because it's a gift set of 12 full size nail polish at 70% discount. Blogger is not letting me upload new pictures, I don't freaking know why but whatever, here is the link http://www.hqhair.com/nails-inc-nail-polish-diary-worth-over-138/10833866.html

Whenever I post wishlist, I always insert links from where that item could be bought and shipped to Mauritius. Because I would never do wishlist of items I would never be able to get because I live in Mauritius and people don't know us and people don't want to ship stuff to us. haha

When I click on "new post", I thought I would have to so much items but what happened here? Five? Gosh have I bought everything I want. NOOOOOO. Because these are exclusively what I want the most. And I feel like I'm missing a lot more. Oh yeah, I want diamonds earrings, a white gold cushion cut diamond halo ring, a big house with wooden floors and huge windows with lots of natural light and a matte colored BMW car, a baby like Emilia (SACCONEJOLYs), a pastel pink glitter iphone but with android with a much wanted "return" button, a walk in closet, a decent vanity with lighted mirrors, Chanel bags, Cartier rings and bracelets, oh girl, stop dreaming.

I'm seriously drained and tired. Dreaming is okay right? though it just saddens me that things like that would never happen ever. It's just sad. My god this post is depressing. I've to go to the post office tomorrow, my asos package probably arrived. I'll probably have to pay duties again. I don't like the people at the post office that much - I kind of hate them but I can't say that out loud because it's inappropriate and they won't give me my stuff right? Anyways, have a nice weekend..whoever is reading me. I'm tired. And I want to eat sugary high calorie junk. And then I'll have a little junk in my trunk. That's a quote from KUWTK. I'm a fan. It's my guilty pleasure. 

Pictures sources: asos, revolveclothing, hqhair

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