10 Nov 2013

♡ Wishlist #13

Oh my god, I swore to myself I would not get another Urban Decay palette again even after Flushed and Naked Basics came out but this one Naked 3, I NEED to have it. It looks really pretty. Apparently, it was already out by mistake in some Sephora in Paris, that is how wheeconfetti got hold of it, I'm so jelly. You can see more pictures and swatches on her blog, go check them out. Anyways, the Naked 3 will be officially out in December, I'll be waiting eagerly for it to come out on HQhair.com and I hope it will show up soon.

All photo credits to wheeconfetti.com


  1. I noticed that the colors don't look much different than the colors in the original and the naked 2. RoRo’s

  2. I feel that it is a little different, lighter colours and more rosy tones:)