14 Nov 2013

♡ Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

"For flawless 16-hour coverage with no mask-like effect. Instantly, skin irregularities are perfectly concealed, without leaving demarcation lines or cakiness. The complexion is even and radiant; the skin is supple and comfortable."

I was looking for new foundation - not that I don't like Missha BB cream anymore but I wanted to try a new one and I found The Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation on echemist for £15.20. I read tons of reviews and people were saying that it was really good for people with acne and blemishes because it is full coverage. I received it after approximately two weeks after ordering it. I was pretty surprised with how fast it came. Thanks echemist. It is very pigmented, I would say it gives medium to full coverage. I found the texture pretty liquidy and the color is a perfect match for me - I got Nude.

The first time I tried it, my face looked really cakey, I didn't like the texture and how it felt on my skin, I even hated the weird smell. I've been using it for almost a week and I'm starting to like it. The trick to it is to not to use too much. A small dot-tear drop size I guess is more than enough and I don't even mind the smell anymore though I still feel it kinda there on my skin.

Good points:
Good coverage
Applies easily with a foundation brush
Decent price for a foundation
Perfect match for my skin (a makeup said that nude suits most asians)
Less transfer to phone - compared to the Missha BB cream
Do last all day on me - I do use primer underneath though

Bad points:
Feels heavy on my skin
Enhances dry spots
Make me feel oily

Overall, I'm liking this foundation right now, my only issue is just that it feels heavy and oily though my face do not look extra oily. It gives me a light to medium coverage, I guess if I use more I'll could achieve full coverage but it will look mask-like and cakey since it would enhance my dry skin.

Thumbs up to this one! It is definitely not going to stay in the back of my makeup drawer because I've been grabbing subconsciously this one everyday.

Updated 18.11.13:
I'm loving this foundation. I think that my skin is getting use to it. I don't feel it heavy on my skin anymore, or oily. Still enhance dry spots but it just means that I've to hydrate my skin more. I definitely recommend it :)

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