17 Nov 2013

♡ Clearasil Utra Rapid Action Cleanser

I loved the Clearasil Daily Clear Cleanser, it smells awesomely good and fresh and has salicylic acid in it. So I thought I would get the stronger version which is this one called Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action cleanser but I hate the scent of this one, it is so strong and in your face but it's okay, atleast it helps with my acne and it does not dry out my face. That's is all I've got say about it. Oh and yeah I got it off echemist.com for £5.39. If you are thinking about which one of the two to get, the Daily clear or the Ultra, I would recommend the Daily Clear one because it smells better and I think both work the same way - since I've noticed no difference with this one. 

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