27 Nov 2013

♡ Random rant

Hi whoever is reading me right now. The girls and I went to lunch at Jumbo today, we got pizza and while waiting for our order, we wandered around the mall into this shop with tons of accessories and beauty stuff but I felt really not interested into these products since to me, all of them were fake, like fake silver plated accessories that you can get way cheaper online, or fake cosmetics which are bad for your skin and I could not even trust that their constance carroll nail polish were genuine or fake so I did not buy anything though I really want nail polishes. If I was younger, this boutique would have been heaven to me, I did not know about online shopping, fake products, I was just ignorant and simply attracted to shiny things. I don't know what is up with me lately or maybe this year. I can't buy anything, mostly makeup and beauty related things here in stores because in my head, I'm thinking it could be fake or there's no brand on it, so can't buy it or I could get it cheaper online. So, I end up with nothing. I think I hate shopping. But I love online shopping. Or not. I just wasted almost an hour on Asos choosing nail polishes thinking I could fool them in shipping these to me because there was no error messages when I added them to my cart only that when I had to pay, I got that freaking error message. I am so sad that Asos would ship nail polishes only to some countries and not to Mauritius. Anyways, after work, I got a Bourjois 1 second nail polish in Beige Distinction because I love their fan brush so much and it was the only color I would wear often or I thought so. I just tried and I kind of hate the color, I don't know, I'm just not in love with it. I want more nail polishes. Or not. I just want a lot of pretty things. I'm depressed. Tomorrow is going to be another long freaking day and Friday will be worse because I will be working on my own which means a lot of work and stress. 

By the way, sigmabeauty.com is doing their black friday on the 28.11.13 and they will be doing free worldwide shipping, so check them out and stock up on your favorite brushes. I'm definitely getting a backup of the F80, and maybe get one to do a giveaway and maybe get another brush, I don't know. I'm being too greedy now. What is your favorite sigma brush that you use everyday? Even if I have the Mr. Bunny kit, I just end up not using them on a daily basis, I just use my F80 and the blush brush from the kit. Yeah, I think I'll only buy like there F80, a backup for myself, one to give as present and one for a blog giveaway. I think that's my black friday plan. Don't miss it, you'll regret it, there's is a code for the free shipping thing, just google it. 

That's all for tonight, I need to get up and work out because I freaking ate half of the Pringles tube and I had a generous dinner and I'm so fat and I'm so depressed and if I stay, I'm going to give in and buy useless stuff that I found pretty but I don't really need rather than saving up for what I really really want to which are the Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy gold bracelet watch and the Rebecca Minkoff diamond quilt mini affair bag. So I should not shop. Thou should not stop or eat. haha I'm going to work out. Even if it is already 11 15 pm. 

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