29 Nov 2013

♡ A post to myself

Today was a really good day even if I was alone and it started badly with being late and the rain. But overall, it was really good. I was late because I had to go to cidp first and I came to the office like 10 bottom-drenched and found out that the people I had to see today to clear all my outstanding queries did not came in. I was so bummed out about that, I think I might have made a face to the person who told me about it. But yeah, at least I had that other thing to do which I don't like because it is so lengthy and it totally seemed never-ending to me. The cool thing though was that I had the meeting room all to myself and I had this huge table and I had all my files spread out open and still was not overwhelmed. Yeah, I came in alone today because the girls are on exam break (I'm going soon too). I have two more days left there, I'm sad to leave, I really loved working there since it is close to home with a mall nearby, the water dispenser is right next to the meeting room, the people(most) are pretty cool and it is pretty there. And when they were putting up Christmas decoration today when I left, right at that moment, I had that thought "I wished I worked there". Yeah I totally wished I worked there. Like permanently. I guess I will come back next year around that time again. I say pretty a lot I know. This two month went by so quickly, I did not even realise it. I'll have an alone day again this coming Monday and then Tuesday is going to be super stressful because it's my last day before exam break and I still have a lot pending. I don't know if I'll be going back there after my exams, I don't think so. I will probably know by Tuesday which will probably be no because our deadline for that job was early December, so yeah, I'll probably have to go back to our office. This is getting sad. 

I won't have anymore these stupid smiles on my face again. Only my bf would know what this means. haha. No only my bf will understand this post. I actually like it there, people smiles at you, you smile back, and everybody smile at each other, and you smile all day and say good morning all day because there is a lot of staff coming and going along the corridors. It happened that I said good morning to someone twice in the day, the second time was without thinking because I had stuff on my mind. haha. Hopefully, next year I'll be back and it's going to be great. I'm gonna miss this environment. I love the environment. I mean workplace. It is so nice and I had a nice office room today. Oh Monday is going to look so pretty with the decorations!!! I'm so excited about that. This is why I'm so sad to go and because of the people too. Let me say goodbye. Bye bye pretty office, people and meeting room. I'll see you next year maybe hopefully. 

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