9 Feb 2014

♡ Fakes v/s Genuine

I simply want to vent today on my blog, so you can just click on close if you want ;)

I've been following comments on a picture of a Naked 2 palette on fb, the seller has posted a picture of the original one: a metal pencil box with a sample gloss in a clear plastic packaging and someone has commented that it is fake and hers is real and she even posted a picture of hers. As someone who hates fake, replica, etc, I had this inside urge to literally shout at this girl. Let me describe hers to you, hers came in cardboard box. In a cardboard box, yes, Naked 2 NEVER came in a cardboard box. NEVER. If you google 'naked 2 packaging', the first result gives you a link to a blogpost of a comparison between a real and a fake. The real comes in a clear plastic box and the fake in a cardboard box. Conclusions anyone? 

Okay maybe she was duped and just thought all along that hers is real. But then, before you start labeling something as fake and staining one's reputation online, one should do some research and not start blabbering nonsense, am I right?

I hate fakes, I would have done the annoying thing this girl has done today but I would have done my research first.

I want to add that a lot of shops here in Mauritius sells fakes. It's so disturbing to me and I wished I could point it out loud and someone or an association would listen and be able to do something concrete about it. I saw a fake Prada bag in a shop very proudly displayed, fake OPI nail polishes, fake MAC cosmetics in shops and on fb being sold to unsuspecting Mauritians... fakes, fakes, fakes everywhere. Fakes are taking over our shops... What makes you think that what you buy is genuine? My advice to you is to go on the manufacturer's website and look for that product, or do research on how to distinguish between genuine and replica.

It's sad that some don't mind fake. I do mind. I do mind paying money for fakes. Fakes have no value at all. I wished I had power to sanction these businesses of fakes. 

I've been restraining not to comment on this fb photo because I loathe drama. I just brought drama to my blog though.

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