13 May 2015

♡ MOTD #8

My routine has change a tiny bit. I have not been using any foundation lately. I would moisturise as per usual with my Embryolisse which I'm loving and will probably be staple in my makeup/skincare stash. Then I would apply my corrective stick on my blemishes and use the eye concealer to brighten up my under eye area. Yes, this sponge is amazing. I've put that aside for a while but one day I felt like using it again, and now I'm like "why did I stop using it again?".And for eyebrows, always need to be done because these days I'm not wearing any eye makeup. Why? Because I felt there was no need to even if I look tired without eyeliner. But whatever right? Oh I forgot, I do set my face afterwards with a translucent powder from Vichy

The reason why I'm not using any foundation is because all that I own right now are not a good match for me colourwise, I feel that they are either too like & pink-ish or too dark & orange-ish on me. So that why I'm sticking with only concealer on my problem areas. Plus, I'm loving the concealer only thing!

Also, I've been looking for a foundation/concealer which contains salicylic acid. Any recommendations? 

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