6 Feb 2013

♡ Wishlist #5

Hi to all the people out there! It is 12:05 am and I'm browsing on Asos. I also purchased a black playsuit that has been in my 'Saved Items' list forever but today, I had to buy it because it was low in stock and it turned out to be the last one in my size. Yes, it is super late and you're wondering what I'm doing on the internet, well I'm hopelessly addicted to online shopping even if I don't buy. I'm just addicted to Asos. It's pretty sad. I'm going to stop. From now on, I will just do wishlist, it's fine right? I'm so sad and I'm so poor. Any wonderful rich soul here who loves giving gifts to anonymous people? Oh and yeah, I will be doing a huge Asos haul soon, probably at the end of February. I got this idea when I was watching hauls on Youtube. Damn, I love online shopping. Let's see what's on my wishlist.

MinkPink Sadie 50s Moulded Bikini Top £31.00

MinkPink Sadie Loop Side Bikini Bottom £31.00

See U Soon Lace Top £55.00 £16.00

River Island Long Line Open Weave Jumper £35.00 £17.00

River Island Lace Tiered Shell Top £28.00

Only Sammy 3/4 Length Sleeved Lace Top £22.00 £14.00

The Style Bouse £32.00 £11.50

Vero Moda Laddered Top £19.00 £11.50

Warehouse Lace Stripe T-Shirt £35.00

Vila Army Skinny Jeans £55.00 £28.00

Warehouse Sweat Top with Split Back £26.00

ASOS Black Over The Knee Stripe Tights £10.00

A Wear Longline Fairisle Cardigan £40.00 £19.50

ASOS T-Shirt With Lace Scallop £22.00

ASOS Jacket in Textured Metallic with Waterfall Front £30.00 £12.00

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Leopard Print Skinny Jeans £35.00 £17.50

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Sheer Top With Peplum And 3/4 Length Sleeves £32.00 £19.50

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Skater Dress With Popper Straps And Cut Away Detail £28.00

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Skater Dress With Ballet Wrap And Long Sleeves £25.00

ASOS Sweatshirt with Sequin Pansy Print £35.00 £14.00

ASOS Premium Leggings in Sequin Pansy Print £30.00 £18.00

ASOS PETITE Shrunken Boyfriend Blazer £45.00

ASOS PETITE Supersoft High Waisted Black Ultra Skinny Jeans £28.00

ASOS PETITE Leather Biker jacket With Leopard Sleeves £150.00 £67.50

Le Ciel Animal Blouse With Lace £42.00 £25.00

Liquorish Top With Collar Tip Detail £45.00 £10.50

Spanx Higher Power Body Brief £39.00 £27.00

Spanx Tight End Body-Shaping Convertible Leggings £29.00

Nike Shorts £30.00

Adidas ADH2697 Santiago White Pink Watch £50.00 £21.00
Jocasi Leather Small Quilted Shoulder Bag £85.00 £48.00

Aubrey Blythe Underarm Bag £99.00 £67.00
ALDO Anuka Black Wedge Trainers £80.00 £24.00

Timeless Wedge Trainer £55.00 £26.00

I wished I could buy all these stuff. One thing that I really really really really really REALLY want on this list is the Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold watch or the Michael Kors one.

Don't you love wishlists? I love them. Dream on people.



  1. I love the bikini. 1st & 2nd photo.

    XX, IamJenniya

  2. yeah, they are so prettiest bikini I have ever seen. It's too expensive though:/