26 Feb 2013

♡ I love tea

Mauritian Tea

I have not always been a fan of tea. I actually hated tea since childhood. My family usually drank was Chinese tea which I found too strong in taste and smell. After a few years, I learned about the health benefits of tea (just google it), I looked for one that I could drink. After multiple failed purchases, I found one that I really really love because it has a subtle taste and smell - I'm talking about the Chartreuse Thé Vert Classic amincissant et diurétique. I drank almost everyday. But it's a little more pricey that other tea available on the market, so I looked for more and I chose Bois Cheri Thé Vert Au Jasmin, I admit that I had a hard time adjusting to this taste because it is so different and had a stronger taste but over time, I grew to like it . As for the third one, I came across it during cny at the hotel, they were serving it for breakfast and I loved it. It is called the Corson Golden Pekoe. I love it a lot. 

My top 3 picks in order of preference:
1. Chartreuse Thé Vert Classic amincissant et diurétique
2. Corson Golden Pekoe
3. Bois Cheri Thé Vert Au Jasmin

I recommend the first one to any tea newbie because it is very subtle, everybody will like it or atleast will be okay drinking it. 

Oh yeah, I hate spicy tea or flavoured tea or like chamomile or citronella and all stuff like that. Can't get used to these. I bought one tea from Forever Living products which I absolutely hated it, the smell was horrible. 

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  1. I am also not fond of drinking tea. But I have tried some which is good. I forgot the brand already. Im a coffee person.

    XX, I am Jenniya