27 Feb 2013

♡ Ready Or Not

Screencaps from the music video

I spent the day on my laptop today browsing, making new blog posts to be published later on here and I heard a super lovely voice. I HAD to glance at the tv that specific moment, and I saw that a really pretty blond with sharp features, it took me a while to realise who she was - Bridgit Mendler. If you watch Disney Channel, you would recognise her from Good Luck Charlie. I was surprised, she's so different. My little cousin could not believe that was the same girl. She's the one watching tv, and all of a sudden this amazing voice emerged - a music video. Beautiful. Bridgit seems so different, I guess that when you're used to watch someone in a series for a reasonable time, you get used to see her in a specific girl next door style. But she has her own style, I loved her makeup too. She's so perfect. I think I have a girl crush AND a voice crush and I love her music style. I still can't believe that she's the one singing these songs. Let me share some of her songs with you. I'm actually listening to "I was a fool" while writing this post, it just started playing thrice already - yeah, I'm a slow writer or rather a slow thinker. Anyways, here are the links of some of her because Youtube won't allow playback on the videos from her Youtube Channel BridgitMendlerVEVO:


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