12 Dec 2012

♡ 12.12.12

Hi beautiful people out there, today is the a very special day for this century, it is 12.12.12. Nothing out of the ordinary happened to me today, except it was my last day of exams. Speaking of that, okay I won't and I don't want to talk about that because I don't know how well/BAD I did. What else? Oh yeah, it has been deadly hot today, and even BB cream felt like thick-ass foundation on my skin. 

My skin, I will update about the Clarisonic later, maybe two or three months from now. The thing with skincare is that you know it really works after a few months, then you can say how much you like it or hate it. I'm still loving it, right now I'm looking for the right cleanser that is fresh and does not has these little grains inside for exfoliating and stuff. I regret my purchase of today, I bought a cleanser called Nivea Visage Pure Effect All In 1. I hate it because there are small grains in it, and it stings my skin a little plus I don't think it's good to use that kind of cleanser with the Clarisonic. By the way, FeelUnique is having like a special giveaway every hour today for 12 hours. Click http://www.feelunique.com/landing/12Hours to see more.

I guess that is all for today, I just wanted to share a glimpse of my day and what I'm thinking and my take on this special-but-not-so-special-for-me. I guess it was special in a way because I was with the bf today. Yeah, we can say now that we spend that day together right? Hey, that is something special! I really want to shop online, I don't know what to buy, I just want a good gentle cleanser. I don't like the gentle cream-like cleanser though, I like the foaming ones that smell good. Haha. Anyways, people please tell me what you are buying online that are good stuff huh :)

Have a nice night..or day everyone, and thanks for reading my random thoughts.

PS: I'm sad because this asos black jumpsuit is sold out in my size, it was not that expensive, it was in stock yesterday:/ now it's out of stock. It sucks. Oh no it's still in stock but it's back at the original price, double sucks. It was 15 pounds yesterday now it's twice. Sucks. 

It's pretty right? Too bad.

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