27 Dec 2012

♡ Four days till 2013

Hi beautiful people :)

I have to say sorry to my lovely blog for the lack of posting because I didn't have much time and I did not feel like blogging really. But now I AM BACK. I love you lovely blog. And you, how did your Christmas go? We had a rainy Christmas this year - at least the temperature slightly dropped, it was not excruciating hot though humid. Don't you hate humidity? I loathe it. What I did on Christmas day was a road trip with my family, that was pretty tiring but good. And yeah, le bf came home in the morning and we exchanged gift and he got me something that I have been wanting for a long time but I could not bring myself to buy it because of the price. He got me the YSL Rouge Volupté in #7, it is soooooo beautiful. It just makes me look precious. Do you get what I mean by precious? I can't explain it but that's the word that come to mind whenever I look at my reflection wearing this particular lipstick. This single but amazingly beautiful lipstick was around MUR 1100 ($36 approx.) at Mado. Do I think that it's worth spending that much money on a lipstick? Not really but for a gift, yes oh yes!! For Christmas etc, you should give something that the person wants - not needs. Definitely. I want more YSL. *Hint Hint* He does not read my blog though. haha. The next gift I want is a powder compact from Chanel with the mirror inside, I want the square one, I don't want the round ones with loose powder. 

2012 is almost over and we did not die! So much for the drama on the internet right? Haha, but it was fun, I was at work and my colleague was like 'we're going to die at 3pm.' Next year will be the year of 'Snake' in the Chinese horoscope. I wonder if 2013 will be good to me, considering that I am a Snake. I don't believe in superstition...actually I do, I think I do, though I should not. But reading horoscope just comforts me. Not that I read horoscope everyday huh. I just read the start of the year predictions. New year equals to resolutions and resolutions are so easily forgotten about after a few months/weeks/days/hours haha. I love writing resolutions though, it just gives me hope for the new year, I have not written mine yet though. I should get to it, and my first line would be "1. Eat clean food and exercise regularly". Isn't this on everybody's list? 

Anyways, I will continue blogging because I am loving it even if nobody ever reads :) I hope that you will stick with me and continue following my blog and read my rants and stuff. I have so many beauty products to review but I'm too lazy to take pictures and write concise reviews. And I need to use these products for a much longer period of time. I got myself new stuff off the internet and here like the Naked 2 palette which I'm a little disappointed about. I know there is so many reviews on the internet, but you know, one more will hurt nobody and I'm from a tropical island with super hot temperature, don't you want to know how these products work from someone with sensitive skin in a hot environment? Haha, I want. I need to follow more people who are from hot/warm countries because I want to know what works for them because my foundation feels sticky sometimes and soooo thick. Comment below so I can follow you, pretty please?

Thanks for reading this little piece of my mind!

Stay put, 
xoxo Meeline

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