12 Oct 2013

♡ Brassy hair no more

Lately my highlights has been bothering me, they turned slightly orange and brassy which I hate, even my base color was brassy under certain lighting. So, I was eager to find a remedy to my hair problem. I wanted to get a purple shampoo. I had no idea what it was  all I knew was that blondes use it to get rid of yellow tint and get a clean ash blond. I went straight to feelunique.com and splurge on the Fudge violet toning shampoo. I used the term 'splurge' because this is the most I've paid for a shampoo in my life. But it was totally worth it, I noticed a big difference the first time. Now I have ash blond, and different color tones but no more brass/orange. The shampoo is very thick and of course a very deep purple. The best thing is this shampoo smells amazing! I love it so much. I'm thinking the biggest size of this shampoo which comes with a pump which I find more practical.

Do you use purple shampoo? Which one do you recommend?

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