5 Oct 2013

♡ Sheinside Review

Last month or so, I don't remember when exactly (time flies so fast and it's October already), I bought three piece of clothing from sheinside.com, I was watching so many hauls from that website on YouTube from the beauty/fashion gurus, so I wanted to give it a try. Yeah I know that many of these gurus do these hauls videos because they are sponsored free clothes from them but whatever I found the clothes really cute. So I took the plunge and browse the bestsellers category and gone through with the payment. Two or three weeks later I got my order, I was sort of impressed with the packaging each garment came in because it's like a plastic bag that you can zip which I find super practical to store clothes. I don't have any personal pictures of the clothes just because I didn't take any of them but I want to share my thoughts on them. (Maybe I'll update this post during this week with pictures of them or not - most probably not) Anyways, let's get down to it.

Brown Weave Piercing Wraps Bat-wing Sleeve Sweater
I was really excited about this one because I've been looking for a brown cardigan for so long and this one is a wrap/shrug which is what I like to wear. I was a little disappointed about the fit just because it was shorter than I imagined it would be and the construction of it is very poor. As for the material, it's not soft or whatever, it's probably polyester or a plastic like fabric. It's pretty on though. The brown color did wore off a little after the first wash, now it's like a dull brown, it's still okay to wear it now but I'm not crazy about it anymore. I don't find it comfortable too because it's keep sliding off my shoulders, I feel like I have to pin this cardigan to my vest or whatever I'm wearing because I hate re-adjustment my cardigan every second. 

Beige Geometric Eyelet Embellished Knit Jumper Sweater
This one is the most popular sweater ever, I keep seeing this one everywhere. I felt like everyone has that already except me, so I got it because it was so pretty. It's a pretty beige color. I hate the material, probably same kind as the brown shrug and I really thought it would be a thin material but it's thick and too warm for the weather here. But it look really good on though I wish the sleeves were past my wrists, they stop awkwardly before my wrists - hate that. 

Apricot Sleeveless Peplum Hem Jumpsuit
This was the only reason I went on there. It is so pretty. It does not fit me as I would have wished but it looks really good on. I wore on a date with the boyfriend yesterday with some nude heels - looked pretty fancy in my opinion. The fit is off around the top, probably because I'm flat (know what I mean?), so if I have to lift my arms, you could see that it's large on me. The color is a pretty beige, similar to the eyelet sweater. The material is pretty thin, quality is so-so. There were bits of threads sticking out but nothing major that a pair of scissors can't fix. Another thing is the material does crease easily, so beware.

If you're looking for quality clothing, sheinside is not the right choice. I will not be buying from there again just because I like quality over fashion and I think that the clothes I got are not worth the price I paid for them. Sheinside does have some amazing beautiful fashion pieces which I would love to own, you can see pictures of the clothes all over the internet. The decision belongs to you now.

A little side note, the reviews on the website for some of the clothes on there seems a little fishy to me - don't trust them, just read blogs or YouTube reviews instead.

Pictures source: sheinside.com

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