25 Oct 2013

♡ Shopping problem

My problem today was I could not decide on what items I want to buy the most plus being savvy at the same time. So this morning I got this email from asos - which I cannot stop mentioning - for an extra 10% off which normally I would rushed to but today was like what should I buy because I want so many things. My life is so sad I know. Haha. Anyways, when I got home, I switched on my laptop and stayed glued to the screen for hours till almost midnight when I finally made my choice. Oh and yeah I did not stick to asos only, I browsed feelunique, echemist and bath&unwind looking for what I need to most. Hey you, don't judge me, online is where I only ever shop because I'm a potato couch and anti social and have no patience to look and walk for that single thing that I want and would spend hours looking fot it at shops but all in vain, and then I would gorged myself with fatty fastfood to compensate for my unhappiness. And I don't know how to freaking spell anymore, I'm not sure I've written two words right but whatevs. I'm blogging my heart out tonight. I'M FAT. AND stressed out. And I've got so much work tomorrow, and I don't know what to wear and I'm tired but can't sleep because of my insomnia due to me being on laptop all day long. Imagine me lying on my back typing on my phone and with a double chin because I have to tilt my head slightly down towards my phone. Such a bad image right. I'm so fat. Lol and that was supposed to be a post on asos shopping spree. Welcome to my messy mind processing. Listen to me people, head over asos and enjoy that extra 10% off. An early birthday gift - like I get myself several times a month. Gosh I suck. Love you honey if you're reading me(to my bf, not you)

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