8 Jun 2013

♡ Just a teeny bit disappointing Asos haul

Hello people, I hope you're having a great weekend :) I decided to make a haul post today, I thought I was going to have more stuff to share with you but nuh-huh. What happened is that when I went to get my package today to the post office, I actually had two packages but the other one I have to fetch to ANOTHER post office. So I decided to get next weekend because I wanted to get home and I did not want to go out, I just wanted to be home safe and sleep. haha Let me share with you what I got.

This looks like it has gone through a lot.  
1. ASOS Leopard Print Skinny Waist Belt - Tan / XS

It fits me! Oh I love you so much.

2. ASOS PETITE Exclusive Long Sleeve Maxi Dress With Belt - Black / UK 4 (out of stock)
I was pretty disappointed when I saw the dress because it looked way more beautiful on the website and the thing is the belt that came with it is definitely not a waist belt, I can't use it as a normal belt because it's too large. I know yeah, I can make more holes but for the price I paid for this, I thought I would get the perfect combo. Here, I'm wearing the dress with the leopard waist belt :) The dress is of a jersey material, it fits nicely. Excuse my dirty mirror - that's why I put a filter on it.

3. Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Professional Detangling Brush - Leopard 
Oh gosh, that leopard print is so ugly in real life. It looked so much better on the website, even here it looks good but it only looks good in pictures. In real life, it looks so damn cheap. I tested it out already, I've nothing special to say about it. I will do a first impression on it maybe soon if I like it or not. 

That's is all for today. I'm going to do household chores now and workout a lot because we're going out dinner tonight to Ocean basket which equals to soooo much fat but yummy food. I wish you all a great and relaxing weekend! BTW, PEOPLE DO SQUATS!!!! THEY WORK!!!

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