1 Dec 2013

♡ It's official, I bought a fake OPI

Yes I did because it was first time in my entire life that I've seen an OPI nail polish, so I bought just because it looked pretty and I really wanted to think of it as being real. I got for Rs 200 which made me doubt its authenticity but I did not care, I just went ahead and got it. I'm so stupid I know. I got it in one of the shops in Bagatelle mall, I don't know if it appropriate to say which shop, so I'm not going to mention the name but they normally sells jersey/cotton clothes with no branded name or logo on their clothes. I was looking for crop tops there and when I got to the counter, I saw these pretty little bottles, I had to get at least one. I even asked the salesgirl if they were real OPI. Gosh I knew they were fake but yeah, I got one. Let me show you some pictures. I have not swatched it already since I already have a nail polish on but at least this fake does not smell over-chemically.

It looks legit, right? To me it did look legit just because I never owned or seen in real except online an OPI.

Yes the name of it is Blushingham Palace. The first thing I did when I got home, I google "OPI Blushingham Palace" and then I knew.

This is what google gave me. It showed me pictures of the real Blushingham Palace and it's pinkish. For heaven's sake, mine is nowhere close to this in terms of color.

While I was typing it on Google, I was already thinking that if it was a real one, I was definitely going back to get all the colors. Can you imagine how disappointed and foolish I felt? Maybe not everybody would understand how I feel about fakes, it's okay. I'm just sharing. I thought I would make a post out of this, not super informative - there is enough info on the internet to help you differentiate real from fakes. So just google if you need more info. I thought of making a little video just because I could, and I wanted to. Sorry, I don't know how to cut and edit, I only used Youtube editor tools. 

I'm such a newbie. I should have filmed this is landscape mode. By the way, I did this with my phone - HTC Desire HD.

Update 01.12.13 
I hate the nail polish, I just tried it tonight, it is horrible in color, it looks like poo and the brush is too thick - not in a good way. I hate it. This is definitely going to the bin. It was such a waste of money. 

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