3 Jun 2013

♡ Wishlist #8

I had to share it with the world, Saboskirt.com do ship to Mauritius for $15 flat rate shipping. I never really research saboskirt, I regularly saw posts on tumblr, instagram, etc of this beautiful model in exquisite clothes but I thought that she was a a fashion blogger or something. I understood later that it was a shopping website but I thought it was like wildfox, dailylook and stuff, so it would probably not ship here, so I did not bother signing up. But yesterday I googled "saboskirt" and I signed up just to see if they would shipped here, and I put something in my cart and yeah, they ship here. $15 is I think okay, I think it's a little pricey, or maybe not. But if I buy anything on this site, it is probably better to buy a bunch of items to make the shipping worth it. I never ever pay for shipping, I choose not to pay shipping as long as it is possible whenever I buy something online. But I think I would give in and pay the shipping just because these clothes are so beautiful and unique. 

Saboskirt is australian based, they have a blog where they styled the clothes they sell and they do such a beautiful job, the models and the styling is so perfect. The only thing I fear is that these clothes won't suit me, I'm short, I'm 5"2. So I don't know if it would look good on me. Is there anybody here who has bought something from this website and who is my height? I need feedback. I want everything from there but if it does not fit me right, I'd be so disappointed. 

Pictures Source: Saboskirt.com

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