30 May 2014

♡ I have a shopping problem

Hi, how are you? Me? I'm fine. I'm only, you know, stressed and itching to do some online shopping like always but I should not. So, I thought why not update my blog and make a post about how I'm feeling today. I was looking for a picture for this post to start off and I found the perfect one, I thought that this represents me and how I feel. I love receiving parcels, I love opening them and discovering what I bought. Yes, I used the word "discovering" because sometimes on the spur of the moment, I don't even remember what I have purchased. Isn't it sad? Yeah, shopping makes my pretty wallet really sad. I recently got a new leather with a leopard panel from Asos, I love it, I was actually yearning for a Marc by Marc Jacobs one, but who am I kidding, I'm never going to buy something that expensive. At this point in my life, I feel like I do 80% of my shopping online. I've buying honestly a lot, my makeup collection has grown so much, okay it's not as crazy huge like those of Youtube gurus ...though I wished! 

I remember when I first started shopping, I would go on Ebay and buy loads of cheap costume jewelry. Then I got fed with fake stuff, and I started working, got my own credit card and I moved to much better quality stuff. And yeah, I found Asos, I got many many clothes, shoes and accessories from there and you know, that was new thing. Then I moved on, I started my search for holy grail makeup and beauty products -  all thanks to the Youtube generation and now I'm obssessed with buying makeup. I go on Feelunique and Asos almost everyday to see if they got new beauty brands or any sale going on. I go on shopping websites every single day. I cannot believe how much time I actually waste on there but I cannot help myself.Yeah, me too I wonder where this post is going and what the hell is my point in writing this post. Maybe by writing this, I'm hoping to get some sympathy from you guys who can relate and understand what I'm feeling. 

I seriously want to shop. Maybe get these stupid work pants that I've been meaning to buy since forever. On a side note, I hate buying work clothes because I found them to be such a waste of money. What is wrong with me, right? I've no idea but I don't like wearing work clothes, most of them are so uncomfortable and itchy and too crisp for me or just crease so easily. I don't like working, I don't like studying or doing anything except shopping. Can I be a personal online shopper? But only for people with similar taste than me. Duh, I won't have any client. Seriously, I should get back to revising and get my act together. I've two exams and actually, I'm aiming to pass only one of the two because I don't give much crap about the second one because I know that if I study for both, I won't pass any of them.

I want to shop. I want to get this beautiful Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette which will cost me fifty pounds with shipping which is so ridiculously expensive and I already have 3 UD Naked palettes. I know, there's something so wrong with me that I'm compensating the void with food and online shopping. I miss my boyfriend. Honey, can I get the palette? Please? Or maybe something from MADO, oh I have that voucher for Mado, okay, I know what I want to get next week if we go shopping, I'm going to get a new foundation at Mado. YEAH. Did I tell you about this Dior gloss I bought which I have not used. 

That's all for tonight, I actually wrote more personal stuff but I erased more because it just too personal for your eyes. Good night ladies and I hope this picture made you smiled.. because it made me smiled.

Picture Source: Google

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