9 Mar 2014

♡ Saying bye to circle lenses

I've collected these over the last two years. I don't wear them anymore and I'm not planning on wearing any of them simply because my prescription numbers changed and I'm going for a more natural look from this year on. So, I'm throwing all of them away except two pairs that I've not yet opened. I thought of giving these two pairs away for free but that could be a bad idea; I just don't want to get complains from people later on that the lenses damaged their eyes, etc. 

Too bad I did not enjoy these ones at all and they are going to expire this month. 

Unopened and expiring on 10/2016

Unopened and expiring on 09/2017
If you're interested (Mauritians only) with these two, you can comment below and please bear in mind the prescription number of these lenses...

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