16 Mar 2014

♡ Empties #2

I'm back with another 'empties' tag post. I kept a box with all the products I've used up and it's time for me to finally make this post and get rid of these empties and plus I throwing away some really old and unused stuff as well. I was in the mood of cleaning out my beauty drawer. 

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Yves Rocher Express Cleansing Wipes - I loved these a lot especially because I love the tea scent, they smell so amazingly good. As for removing makeup, they do a decent job plus they do remove waterproof mascara though. The only downside is I find them relatively expensive, I don't remember how much they cost but for only 20 wipes, they are not worth it.

Clarisonic Gentle Hydro Cleanser - I got this sample when I got my Clarisonic about two years ago. I was not a fan of the scent, that's why it took me so long to finish that. This smells like vomit, maybe that's just me. As for its cleansing power, I think it's an okay moisturising cleanser, I'm not a fan of it but then I have used this long enough.

Karité Masque capillaire cheveux secs ou abimés les karités - I like this hair mask though it didn't do anything special compared to other conditioners. I purchased this because I was out of conditioner and this was relatively cheap. I hated the fact that it comes in a container, it's not practical.

Miss Eighteen nail polish remover - This is the best nail polish remover I've used till now, I've repurchased this numerous times. It's cheap and effective (not as much on glitter nail polishes) but it does smell a little bit overly alcohol-y.

Freeman Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask -  I don't like this mask, it stings when I apply it on my face because of its high alcohol content and it smells of alcohol. As a peeling mask, it does not do much in my opinion honestly.

Kiotis scrub vitalité exfoliant corps - It's a gentle fresh smelling body scrub though it might be a tad drying. I've enjoyed it for the time I've used this but then, I'm not a fan of body scrubs, I prefer exfoliating gloves.

Veet hair removal cream  -  It's pretty good, works fast, not a fan of the smell but then it's normal for depilatory creams. I recommend this for areas where you can't use an electric epilators.

Woolworth Mini Eau De Parfum Bliss -  I got this from the bf, smells good, very practical since it's small and I love that it's a roller ball.

Yves rocher eyeliner, Labello gloss, Yves Rocher lipsticks, Revlon lipstick, Barry M matte lipstick and Labello lip balm - I hated the eyeliner, the brush is so flimsy. This labello gloss was nothing special, just a sticky gloss. I did love the texture of these two Yves Rocher lipstick, too bad it's too old to use. I got the Revlon lipstick from ebay, it might be a fake, I hated the texture of it and the smell as well. I did hate the Barry M matte lipstick as well, it's very drying and smells like wax crayons.

Pastel white single eyeshadow - It is a matte white eyeshadow, it's very chalky. The packaging is very so-so. Nothing special. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - I definitely recommend this one even if I'm not a fan of the packaging. It does mattify your skin, I would use it only for my T-zone since it will enhance your other dry areas.
Clarisonic sensitive skin brush - I can't say if it's better than the other Clarisonic brushes.

As you might have noticed, there is a trend in this post. The reason behind this is I've actually tried to use up all the products I do not like just because I don't like to waste. 

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