8 Aug 2013

♡ Confessions of a shopaholic

I have been on an online shopping ban for a while now and my ban was over like since the beginning of August. I've been crazy moody and stuff, and I splurged. I literally bought everything I ever wanted - okay not everything - I wished I could buy this amazingly beautiful dead gorgeous watch from Marc by Marc Jacobs but I can't get myself to buy it even during my crazy moods. Anyways, today was oh my god. So, I've got brushes, high waisted pants, a new naked palette (the original one), undergarments, a cardigan, a super cute cream playsuit, some drugstore tanning products, a gold Travalo which I've been eyeing since forever and... that is it. I can't believe I just did that - I did 3/4 of the damage today. I deserve it right? I work, I can get myself new things once in a while and I almost never shop for clothes, or makeup here. I'm just writing my feelings out, I just need some reassurance that I didn't do anything wrong. 

I have a wishlist that I've been working on for so long, bookmarking new stuff, removing stuff, realising that those websites don't ship here when you have already made a list of things you want from there which made me so depressed - beautybay.com I'm talking about you, please ship to Mauritius soon, please oh please. I've send them a message and they said they made a request to add Mauritius but I don't think it's gonna ship here anytime soon. What I wanted from there is the Mario Badesco skincare line and maybe the original beauty blender or maybe not because I like my foundation brushes. But I wanted these Mario Badesco so much, I was even thinking of ditching clothes/makeup/etc for the sake of skincare. Can you freaking believe it?

I'm not done with my wishlist, I still want to get something from Nastygal, Saboskirt and Brandy Melville. I hesitated because the shipping is pretty high especially for Brandy Melville which is 40$ just for shipping which is the highest I've ever seen. I don't want Nastygal or saboskirt, I just want brandy melville and their super cute bras and their bethany dress is so pretty and not long because I'm petite. And most of their clothes are made of cotton and spandex.

I'm so excited to get all of my packages. 

Right now, I feel like making new wishlist and update my previous one and strike through all the stuff I got myself already. Yeah, I'll do just that.


  1. If you're a shopaholic like me, don't do shopping ban, because it's going to get worse. What I do is to tell myself that I can buy only two times in a month on only one website and not more than 100$. It really helps because you have the excitement of getting something during the month and you can think about the other months.

  2. Yeah I think I went overboard with that shopping ban. Thanks for the idea! I'll set a budget from now onwards.

  3. Wow, $40 just for shipping is extortionate! I'm developing a bit of an online shopping habit as well - it's hard to practice self-restraint but sometimes a ban is what you need to appreciate what you already have :)