27 Aug 2016

♡ Elizavecca carbonated bubble clay mask

Hello people of the world!

I'm back with a small review of the much talked about: bubble mask. I first heard about this from Tati on youtube and it sounded so much fun, so I purchase one pot for myself from cosmetic-love.com. I think it cost me around $11 which is relatively not bad for a mask.

I got it today in the mail and could not wait to try it! Let's see, how can I start? How I applied it..I scooped a small amount of product (enough for my face because I don't like double dipping) with the mini spatula provided. I applied it on my face and spread it out evenly on my face with my fingers.

It started bubbling instantly on application. Seconds later, piggy face, huge face, you get it right? It was fun to press my the mask. I rub the mask again all over to see if it would bubble again which yes it did but not as much as the first time. I rub again and washed my face. I have to say that it was a teeny bit hard to wash off compared to over clay mask I use, for this one I would recommend removing it with warm water and face cloth. I just washed my face off, I can feel my face being drier, it kind of feels like I put something with high level of alcohol on my face - fyi, my face is acne-prone and sensitive especially to alcohol.

Let's see the claims for this product:
"The bubbles help exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pesky pores while delivering the nutrients deep into the skin. The effect is purer, tighter pores and excessive sebum-control that helps fight against future clogging."

Exfoliate dead skin cells - ok yes I think it did, my skin does feel soft 
Unclog pesky pores - this one is tricky because I did not have any visible blackheads before application...so I don't know
Purer, tighter pore and excessive sebum-control - my face does feel clean, and tight and dry right now, I don't know yet if this will change my skin oil secretion.

Really fun process!

Skin feels much drier compared to other clay mask I've used

I will update you guy later on this product, it's going to be in my weekly routine as from now. This review was only a first impression :)

Thanks cosmetic-love for selling this, I love trying new products out. It's so much fun. 

I sooo want to try the magnetic mask thingy that Tati tried, but can't find it on any website that ships to here but I don't want to get it on ebay plus it is kinda(a lot) expensive ^-^

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