27 Apr 2013

♡ Wishlist #6

So I just wanted to share this awesome fact with you - if you don't already now. I just want to buy everything on that website. But I can't because I'm super poor and I should not spend all my money on clothes because I'd be broke. Forever broke. Aww. Sad me. *I did treat myself to little bits of happiness though...on there* I had to. I could not not buy anything. I HAD to make use of that discount code. Anyways, the discount code is 'salescore', you can see it on the website.

If you did buy something lately from Asos, can you please share with me? I love buying on Asos but sometimes I just restrict myself from getting bags, shoes, or whatever because I fear that the quality would be off. Till now, I had only once got a shirt from there that was awful, it smelt bad of dye probably, and the color bled out even after multiple washes, I still never worn that thing; 10 pounds down the drain but whatever right?

I have been eyeing this Asos hobo bag since they came out, they look really pretty. I wonder if they would look good on me - me with my fat arms. :/ So yeah, I thought I would just save this item in my 'saved items' list and just wait for the sale but I can't buy it now. I don't have a reason to anymore. I have a leather bag. (I wonder how long that leather bag will last.) Yeah, I do not need another handbag right. But I want another bag, you know, for work. I just can't justify this purchase. And by the way, I own only ONE functioning handbag. I'm not the kind of person who would buy a tons of different handbags for the sake of matching colors with my outfit. I just  buy one and use it till you can see the material falling off. Actually if I were a millionaire, I'd probably own tons of handbags, hmm maybe not, I'd just start collecting Chanel and Céline. And Balenciaga. Ohh me and my disillusions. 

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